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The News Hub is your new central for news. Here, all news available in your system are displayed. 

Where can I find the News Hub?

To reach the News Hub, navigate to Apps → News Hub via Confluence's header menu.

What does the News Hub do?

The News Hub is, like the name suggests, your new central hub for news. Here, all blog posts/news available in your Confluence are being collected and displayed. If you ever want to catch up on some news, the News Hub is the place to go.


Grid view

Click on the grid button to display news in a modern tile design.

List view

Click on the list button to display news in a more compact list.

Use the search to find any news article quicker. Simply click in the search field and start typing. The News Hub will update according to your search criteria.

This page was last edited on 02/24/2022.