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Linking translations is fast and easy. On this page, you will find all important information to do it yourself.

How to add language links to a page

Creating links between pages takes only a few clicks. Follow this guide to quickly do it yourself.

Click on the language button of your page.

The language button is located in the header area of your page, where the page's author and creation date are located, too. It will have the name of the page's defined language (e. g. German, English, French etc.).

In the now open overlay, click on the Add further languages button.

If your page already has existing language links, the button you are looking for is called Configure.

In the now open Configure language links overlay, click on the + Add link button.

In the LINKED PAGES section, select a page which you want to link to your current page.

Now, also select the the language of the page you want to link.

If the to-be-linked page already has a defined language, it will be automatically set at this point.

Don't forget to click on the Save button to confirm your changes!

If the page that you are adding to your current page already has established language links, those links will be automatically added to your current page, too!

This page was last edited on 02/10/2022.