You own Confluence Data Center, configured a team calendar and suddenly a (most probably empty) calendar section is being displayed on your Linchpin dashboard. 


Atlassian has bundled the "Team Calendars" app with Confluence Data Center. It is now included in Confluence Data Center by default and will be displayed on the dashboard, too, if not deactivated manually.


In the Manage apps section of the Confluence admin configuration, find the Team Calendars app and disable the  New dashboard upcoming events  module.

Step by step instruction to disable a module

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration → Manage apps.
  2. Filter for system apps. To do that, click on the drop down menu next to the search field.

    Alternatively, paste this URL into your browser: [your-intranet-address]/plugins/servlet/upm/manage/system
    Don't forget to replace the placeholder at the beginning with the actual URL of your intranet.

  3. Find the Team Calendars app and click on the x of 118 modules enabled link to display all corresponding modules.

  4. Hover your cursor over the New dashboard upcoming events module and click on the Disable button.

How to enable a module again

Please note: Once a module was disabled by hand, it has to be re-enabled by hand, too. App updates will not re-enable disabled modules. If you ever decide that you need that module again, follow the steps above and enable it again.

This page was last edited on 05/22/2023.