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Linchpin & Aura is a collaboration which will transform your Confluence into a beautiful and powerful place of work and enable knowledge transfer within your company. Both apps are perfect for each other: While Linchpin already gets the best out of your Confluence by adding much needed functionality for every company, like detailed user profiles, new communication methods like the Microblog and in-depth news (including powerful editorial functions), customizable navigation menus, dynamic organizational charts and all of that on a personalized basis, Aura adds finishing touches and just generally great aesthetics to your system to make it truly unique and beautiful to look at and work with. Aura makes everything it touches shine. It proves that even "just a button" or something allegedly as simple as a content divider can actually look amazing and make the difference on any page it's used on.  Make your Linchpin shine!

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Gain full control over your pages

Aura gives you full control over your pages. It comes with a set of intuitive and good-looking macros which will blend right into any Linchpin page and enrich it with fabulous design touches. No matter your use case – Aura has a macro for it and will help to achieve your goal in a fashionable way! Use Aura Background Content to define page sections in a way you never knew was possible before, Aura Tabs to share information in a compact, yet appealing way or Aura Cards to highlight different products, services or people. No time to build a whole page by yourself? No worries, Aura has your back! Macros like Aura Compositions will offer you pre-designed templates  for your pages which you can quickly adapt to your liking.

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A match made in heaven

Aura and Linchpin are a perfect match.

Linchpin is awesome. It makes your Confluence really individual and powerful. Great functions like news, the microblog and events are added to your wiki and enrich it. News, for example, receive many great new features which make them more appealing and accessible. Linchpin makes it easier to communicate and find the right people - all that while taking personalization into account. Based on profile data, Linchpin can look differently for every user. It can provide them with different kinds of information - namely information that's most relevant to them and their daily tasks.

Aura is awesome, too. It makes your Linchpin even more beautiful. Aura provides you with very easy to configure macros which will make any page more beautiful and appealing. As Linchpin turns every user into an author with ease, Aura also turns them into capable designers. It does not matter if a user has design experience or not - creating beautiful pages with Aura takes only a few clicks.

Together, Linchpin & Aura turn your Confluence into a place your employees like to spend time at, a system they like to work in! Powerful Linchpin functions and beautiful page designs provided by Aura make it fun to work with your system. They motivate.


Possible use cases


Events are a perfect example of a great use case which utilizes both Linchpin and Aura. How? Well, Linchpin provides you with the possibility to create informative events which look great and are easy to sign up for. Aura's strength comes into play when it's time to create a beautiful and engaging event page which contains more information abuot your event, making promoting it pretty easy.

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Team pages

Every team is essential. Every team also provides essential services to its colleagues. It is therefore important that each team is given its own area where all relevant information, like the offered services, is collected. With Aura & Linchpin you can create both beautiful and very informative team pages that leave nothing to be desired. 

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Your page design matters
more than you think

Knowledge is vital. It's what our society, our entire world is built upon. Information drives us forward; as a species, as individuals and also as companies. We have to learn from past experiences – either ours or someone else's – else we're doomed to repeat them. No company can grow if it does not operate in a knowledge-based fashion. Adapting to new trends, optimizing processes, improving the data structure – all essentials steps to be successful. And while acquiring knowledge is the first step, what's essential is to document it well. To give others the chance to learn from it, too. 

Ask yourself, what do you prefer to read? An enormous wall of text impending to collapse upon you any second now, or a well-structured website with pre-defined sections, nice text formatting and an overall clear and beautiful design which makes gathering information faster and easier? 

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with beautiful and interesting content

Enhance your Linchpin with Aura

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