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What is the Launchpad?

The Launchpad is the central hub for all your apps. Here you can access all the tools you might need in your everyday work, mark individual apps as your favorites, read more about the apps provided and suggest new apps which your administrators can then include in the Launchpad.

To quickly find the right apps, the Launchpad features a search.

On top of that, the left sidebar makes it possible to switch between the view of all available apps and a view of your (favorite) apps. The last button in the sidebar will open a list of app categories when hovered over. You can click on any category to display all apps that match this category.

Favorite apps

Mark apps as favorites to have quick access to them no matter where in the system you're located.

Favorite apps will be included in the sidebar and give you quick access to your tools.

Where do I find the Launchpad?


You can find the Launchpad quickly via the header. Click on the compass button within the header. In the now open overview, click on the Launchpad button.


Alternatively, you will find your favorite apps saved in the sidebar. From here, you can also access the Launchpad portal.

To do so, open the sidebar by clicking on the My Apps button (four cubes). Now, click on the → Launchpad button.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.