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When creating a new wiki page, the Duplicate Content Defender will display a warning message if a page with similar title or even similar content already exists.

Please note: The search only considers words with at least four letters.

Good to know: The Duplicate Content Defender works for pages, not for blog posts.

Built-in content preview

The Duplicate Content Defender offers a preview of any content it suggests as smiliar.

To use the preview, click on the name of the suggested page. A preview window will open and the page will be rendered.

You can close the preview window by pressing the Escape key on your keyboard or clicking outside the window frame.

Preview features

Restrict results to current space

If the global search is enabled in the configuration, the Duplicate Content Defender will look for duplicate content in all spaces. You can activate this option to instead search in the current space, only. This change happens live and you can de-activate this option anytime again to see results from the global search.

Edit the previewed page

Did the Duplicate Content Defender find a page you could use instead? Great! To switch directly to editing said page, click on the Edit this page button above the preview.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.