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Since Space Privacy 3.1, we deliberately repress Confluence's "Who can view this" function. Here you can learn why we do this and how you can restore this functionality.

Explanation of the behavior

If you're using Space Privacy, chances are you noticed that the "Who can view this" function doesn't work for normal users anymore.

This is not a bug. It's intended behavior. Space Privacy aims to prevent any user data leaks when an extranet is used.

With Space Privacy 3.1, we introduced changes to the app which also affected Confluence's "Who can view this" function. We deliberately included new modules that block the "Who can view this" functionality to prevent a case in which users can see each other, even though they shouldn't.


If you wish to restore the "Who can view this" functionality, you can manually disable the modules responsible for hiding it.

Be warned though that we strictly point out that disabling these modules can lead to unwanted user data leaks. When in doubt, please get in touch with your consultant to discuss the pros and cons of this workaround.

To restore the "Who can view this" function, please disable the following Space Privacy modules:

  • Remove Who can see this item Web Resource (remove-who-can-see-this-item-resource)
  • Gatekeeper People who can view Filter (gatekeeper-people-who-can-view-filter)

How to disable app modules

To disable a module, navigate to Confluence administration → Manage apps. Alternatively, insert /plugins/servlet/upm after your intranet URL.

Now, find Space Privacy and click on the x of x modules enabled button to the right. Find the correct modules and hover the mouse over them. Click on the now revealed Disable button.

Manually disabled modules remain disabled after app updates. If you ever wish to activate these modules again, you will have to repeat these steps and do it manually.

This page was last edited on 01/19/2024.