Content goals

  •  Develop understanding for the scope and complexity of user groups
  •  Develop a concept for easy access to the system for all users
  •  Create transparency about the basic wiki structure (spaces, information architecture)
  •  Elaborate on additional instruments for user navigation


  •  Explain the basic Confluence structure:
    • Basic structure (spaces, pages, dashboard)
    • User navigation I: macros (activity stream, area overview, tag cloud), browse (area index, page index, list of persons, labels, feed builder), user name (notifications, network, monitoring) and search
    • User navigation II: menu editor, sidebar
    • Concept of rights (restrictions and roles)
  •  Clarify user access to Confluence (log-in, Active DirectoryD, single sign-on) and group concept (groups)
  •  Discuss the integration and design of the menu editor (mode of operation, information architecture and design)
  • Present approaches for displaying multiple languages
  •  Present other structural elements:
    • Integrated structure (page layouts)
    • Templates (global and area-specific) for standardizing contents
    • Structured data input (Woofoo)
    • Workflows (Adhoc workflows)
  • Explain other design options:
    •  Color coding system to differentiate areas
    •  Image elements (header, logo) to differentiate areas
    •  Space start pages as start pages after log-in

Possible follow-up services

  •  Commission structure-related plugins 
    •  Menu editor
    •  Default Space Template plugin
    • Confluence Archiving plugin
    • Plugins for copying spaces and side treads
    • Adaptavist Essential Plugin Package
  • Commission an Active Directory connection or single sign-on implementation
  •  Commission a user study for the information architecture (card sorting)
  •  Commission Piwik as analytics tool

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