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  • Atlassian workshops by //SEIBERT/MEDIA - Confluence Design Workshop
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Content goals

  •  Determine concrete requirements for the Confluence theme and note design preferences
  •  Determine which standard Confluence elements should be customized
  •  Establish common understanding of the concrete design and layout structure
  •  Determine whether items need to be worked on that go beyond the standard elements


  •  Discuss the customer’s design specifications (corporate design, style guides, etc.)
  •  Present our Confluence archetype and the integrated extensions
  •  Discuss design examples from other Confluence customers and note preferences
  •  Discuss functional extensions that will be integrated as add-ons
  •  Define page grids and content elements of the individual levels and scribble wireframes

Possible follow-up services

  •  Commission a customized Confluence theme
  •  Commission design-related plugins:
    •  Menu editor
    • Scroll PDF exporter
    • Scroll Word exporter

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