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Here you can find relevant Confluence permissions for Linchpin Events.  

Space permissions needed for Linchpin Events

All events apply the permission scheme of the connected space.

Event permissions are granted as follows:

Event permissionRequired space permission
Display eventRead permission for space
Sign yourself upRead permission for space
Export event to calendarRead permission for space
Export event participant listWrite permission for space
Sign others upWrite permission for space
Edit / Delete eventWrite permission for space

What this means - an example:

Let's say you have a space called "Management".

Your users are: U1 (read and write permissions), U2 (read permission) and U3 (no permissions).

You create an event in your "Management" space.

Applying the event permission rules above, the results will be:

  • U1 can see your event. U1 also can manage participants, edit the event or even delete it.
  • U2 will see your event in the event hub and their event calendar. However, they won't be able to delete your event, edit it or sign others up for your event.
  • U3 will not see this event in their calendar or the event hub at all.

This page was last edited on 12/15/2020.