How does the Atlassian EOL announcement affect Linchpin customers?

Atlassian has announced EOL for its Server products.

We have prepared all information and the most important questions for you here.

This means that Confluence Server has an expiration date. Confluence is the basis for our Linchpin Intranet Suite. To make it even clearer: Without Confluence Server, Linchpin Server won't work either.

This announcement came earlier than expected for us, but we can still understand the step and have already invested wisely in the future. An intranet project is planned for a period of five to ten years. Many Linchpin projects are currently underway or have only been running for a few months or years. So how can you deal with this announcement? Here is the basic timeline:  

  • From February 2021, Linchpin Server will no longer be an option for any new Atlassian customer.
  • From February 2022 on, no upgrades or downgrades of Confluence Server - and thus Linchpin Server - will be possible.
  • As of February 2023, Linchpin Server will no longer be an option for existing Atlassian customers.

Anyone using (or planning to use) Linchpin Server should therefore consider which deployment is more suitable - Linchpin Hey or Linchpin Data Center. 

Lean back. We will bring you into the future. Of course many questions remain unanswered.

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Linchpin Data Center - business as usual

The Linchpin Intranet Suite is completely implemented for Data Center, certified by Atlassian and successfully used by our customers. The functional scope of Linchpin Data Center is identical to Linchpin Server. For all Linchpin customers with a license for 500 users or more, the switch from Server to Data Center is an option that actually offers many advantages. The only thing you need to do is to import the Data Center license key and use Linchpin as usual. Users will not notice any functional difference. For budget planning purposes, however, higher license costs for Confluence must be expected.

Existing Linchpin customers will receive a free, 12-Month Data Center license if they decide to switch to Confluence Data Center by February 2021 and obtain their Confluence license from us.  Selected Linchpin partners can also take advantage of this offer. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Linchpin Hey - the future we invest in  

We believe in a world where people make a big difference. With fun at work, together and at eye level. This vision drives us - for Linchpin Data Center as well as for Linchpin Hey. With our software, we want to make it easier for people in companies to do their jobs and create a sense of "we". It should be fun to use and motivate employees to work with the software. 

Here at Seibert Media we began investing in Linchpin as cloud software in the second half of 2019.  In order to create a future-proof and durable solution for us and our Linchpin customers, we decided to develop Linchpin Hey as a stand-alone solution. Linchpin Hey represents the core of the future Digital Workplace and connects to many other solutions that companies are already using today (e.g. Atlassian Confluence & Jira Cloud, O365, Slack, G-Suite, etc.)

This approach of a standalone solution makes us very flexible and opens up many opportunities. 

The beta version has been available since April of 2020. Over the past few months, we have started to continuously increase our investment in Linchpin Hey and, due to market developments, we will continue to increase investments.

If you would like to learn more about Linchpin Hey, take the opportunity and arrange a demo appointment with us. 

Overview of the differences between Linchpin Hey and Linchpin Data Center 

Linchpin Hey

Linchpin Data Center 

Standalone Solution - no other software is needed

Confluence Data Center required

Suitable for any company size

Available as of a 500 user license

  • During development we can completely influence the UX ourselves
  • No specifications from other software, especially Confluence Cloud.  This means more flexibility when implementing features
  • UX capabilities based on the Confluence DC capabilities
  • The general conditions of Confluence DC must be considered
  • The implementation of features depends on Confluence DC as basic software

Mobile First - all the features of Linchpin Hey are available for both the web and the mobile app, so no desktop workstation is required to use the software This even applies to admin functions. 

Linchpin Mobile provides access to the most important Linchpin use cases. Due to the history there are still some places where optimizations are possible.

With Linchpin Hey, we are creating the freedom to think in a completely new, flexible and pragmatic way about the way internal communication takes place digitally. Our experience with Linchpin as an established intranet solution for on-premise operations helps us to do this.

Linchpin Hey is still in its infancy, but we are implementing all the use cases that have been established in Linchpin - more bold, leaner, more innovative. A close cooperation with customers is the key to a future-proof solution here.

Since 2014 we have been developing features of the Linchpin Intranet Suite. All important use cases of an intranet are covered. There are many opportunities for adapting the content to the needs of large companies (e.g. authorization concepts, news concepts). Linchpin Intranet Suite is an established intranet solution with a powerful feature set and a solid customer base.

While Linchpin DC was created based on the requirements of individual large customers, we at Linchpin Hey rely on standards and find the greatest common denominator. 

On the one hand, this means that Linchpin Hey customers cannot customize the software down to the smallest detail. On the other hand, it means that we can offer a high-quality and coherent product that is popular with both users and administrators. 

All functionalities you know from Linchpin Server are implemented here and Data Center certified. It is business as usual for you.

Linchpin Hey is the center for internal communication and combines different systems that are already in use in companies. 

For example, Confluence Cloud can be connected to expand the system to include the "knowledge management" use case - or Jira Cloud as a task management tool. At the same time, Linchpin Hey can be integrated into the Atlassian Cloud so that content from Linchpin Hey can also be used on Confluence sites, for example. 

We are also working on integrations with Google Workspace, O365, chat applications, etc.

Linchpin DC is a social intranet that extends the knowledge base Confluence so that internal communication and knowledge management work in one system.

What options do Linchpin Server customers have now? 

Atlassian's schedule allows them to take their time and work intensively on a long-term strategy for the transformation of their own Atlassian systems. For example, those who now purchase and implement a two-year extension until the end of 2022, have enough time to prepare for a switch to Linchpin Data Center or Linchpin Hey. 

For all Linchpin customers with less than 500 users, we are working hard to ensure that Linchpin Hey will be the right intranet solution. Together we now have the great opportunity to develop Linchpin Hey based on the requirements of our Linchpin Community. Every customer feedback counts.

The beta version of Linchpin Hey can already be tested today, free of charge, and without any obligation. There is no expiration date and content remains in place if you decide to use Linchpin Hey productively afterwards. If you have already purchased Linchpin Server licenses, you will not have to pay any additional license fees for the remaining period of time once Linchpin Hey becomes commercial.

The software works without Atlassian - yet offers news, communities, profiles, events - and helpful integrations to Confluence and Jira Cloud. In the future we will also offer integrations of other tools. 

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with the Linchpin community to create Linchpin Hey you need. Let's collaborate and talk about what you expect from a modern intranet. We look forward to meeting you!

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