Agile Hive or Jira Align or even both?

Which solution is right for your company?

Agile Hive

  • Agile Hive is a single Jira App supporting Server and Data Center instances and available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Cloud coming soon.
  • Offers automatic documentation in Confluence

Hassle-free automations

  • Automated reports for Portfolios, Solutions, ARTs & Teams
  • Create new Teams, ARTs, Solutions or Portfolios in seconds - Hive provides the configuration & boards
  • Accurate SAFe® artifact hierarchy & transparency in every issue
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu based on your enterprise levels
  • Automated WSJF calculation

Seamless Integration

  • Perfect integration in your Atlassian ecosystem
  • We provide you with PIs (Program Increments) so you can use fixVersions for your software versions
  • Use accurate SAFe® nomenclature on every level.
  • No impact on your existing Jira projects

Jira Align

  • Jira Align is a standalone software that connects to an existing Jira instance
  • Offers a wide range of features to support agile transformations

Align every team to strategy

  • Get everyone on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies across teams and portfolios
  • Connect strategic investments with customer value created to drive outcomes faster and more reliably

Flexible support for agile frameworks

  • The only platform that lets you implement and extend any framework at scale, including hybrid and custom frameworks

Hosting Operations

Agile Hive

Since Agile Hive is a Jira app and can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace, you can simply install it in your Server or Data Center environment.

Furthermore Seibert Media offers different hosting options for your entire Atlassian stack, if you want to outsource the hosting.

Jira Align

Cloud, Server and Data Center possible

Integration with Jira

Agile Hive

Agile Hive is fully integrated into Jira, building on the existing UI, rather than proving an entirely new interface.  This is ideal for organizations that are comfortable with Jira and do not have the means or desire to learn a whole new system.

  • Fully integrated with Jira - you do your work in a single, enhanced instance of Jira, no data sync required, no new terminology or systems to learn.
  • Currently only works with Jira Server or Data Center. Cloud coming soon.

Jira Align

Jira Align is a standalone software connecting to existing Jira instances. This offers the opportunity to funnel information from different sources in one place to get a complete overview.

  • Funnel information from different Jira instances
  • Jira Server, Data Center or Cloud

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is SAFe® Platform Partner & has developed Agile Hive together with Germany's leading SAFe® expert KEGON. We are happy to support you during implementation and offer hosting & operation if you wish - please contact us.

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