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Can I work according to SAFe® in Jira and Confluence? Which part of the framework is included in the Jira standard? For which SAFe® elements do I need the App Agile Hive as an extension?

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This works out of the box without any additional apps.

SAFe® in Jira and Confluence
Jira is made for agile working and has taken up the appropriate values such as transparency, communication and collaboration. Thus, software development according to Scrum transparent communication within the team is enabled. This also creates a basis for SAFe, the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises.

With these functions it is almost possible to realize an Essential SAFe® configuration for an ART. The flaws are the naming of the Jira epic, which cannot be renamed to feature, the lack of other issue types at the program level (e.g. enablers, risks, PI objectives), and the overall view of the PI is hard to get. There is no program board or other ways to clearly visualize dependencies.

What we miss in the Jira Standard when working with SAFe®

SAFe® in Jira and Confluence combined with Agile Hive

So Agile Hive complements the basics of Scrum in Jira with all other elements needed to fully map SAFe. You can directly start working with SAFe.

Ease of work with Agile Hive

SAFe® in Jira and Confluence combined with Agile Hive

In addition, we have analyzed what makes the work of users and administrators easier. The results are configuration templates and mechanisms for quickly linking projects and levels. To improve the work of the users, we added some features like hierarchical linking of the process via drag & drop.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is SAFe® Platform Partner & has developed Agile Hive together with Germany's leading SAFe® expert KEGON. We are happy to support you during implementation and offer hosting & operation if you wish - please contact us.

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