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The so called "kicker" is a teaser headline for your news. It will appear in addition to the title of the news within news macros and the news themselves.

What is a kicker?

A kicker is an additional headline for your news. The kicker is displayed at the very top of the news article itself. Furthermore, the kicker is included in news macros.

A kicker (or additional headline) should be short (from one to few words) and describe summarize the news or classify news based on topics.

The kicker within the Corporate News Feed macro

The kicker within the news article itself

Any standard Confluence macros or macros of other third party plugins which display blog posts will ignore the kicker line.

Add a kicker to your news article

Edit any blog post.

At the very top of the edit window, you will find a collapsable menu with extended news configuration.

Click on the Additional information for this blog post button to open this menu.

Navigate to the second tab called additional content.

In the text field called Kicker, enter what you wish to display as the kicker.

Finally, click on the Save additional information button and then publish your blog post.

This content was last updated on 09/15/2020.

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