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You can define and insert RSS & Atom feeds into your pages. RSS feeds are a good way to get quick updates about newest events.

Insert the news feed on a page

In a first step you'll insert the Web-Feed Feed macro into a page where you want to display it. 


 Feed source configuration

If you don't plan to personalize the news according to a user's profile attributes, you can simply define one or more spaces. Entering at least one space name is mandatory. In order for the Corporate News Feed macro to work properly you have to choose a space containing blog posts.


If you want to display the contents of a single Atom or RSS feed, simply enter the respective URL.

The macro also offers the option to display several feeds aggregated to one stream. These groups have to be configured by an admin. For more information on how to do this, please refer to Configure RSS & Atom feeds.

Options for your Web-Feed


In addition to the source of your feeds you can define three options:

  1. The number of feed items you want to display initially. If there are more items available than the number you define here, the stream will offer a button to load more items. The sorting is chronologically, so newer items will be displayed on top as long as the Atom or RSS feed provides a proper date, which not all feeds do.
  2. If you want the links within a news item to open in a new window, check the checkbox "New window".
  3. If you don't want to show an excerpt of the feed items' contents, check the checkbox "Show title only".

Save your configuration by clicking on the "Insert" button.

Configure RSS & Atom feeds

General Concept 

RSS or Atom Feeds from relevant sources are a great way to stay up to date with news from your industry. The Web Feeds macro allows you to integrate a single feed into your pages, as well as grouping several feeds 

Create a New Web Feed Section


Within the Confluence administration, section Linchpin Enterprise News, find the area labeled "Web Feed Sections". There your first step is to add a new Web Feed Section. Enter a distinctive name for your section. This name will later be used for configuring the macro on a Confluence page.

Add RSS or Atom Feeds to Your Section


Now you can add as many feeds as you like to your new section. Save your configuration by clicking the save button.

Afterwards you can add more sections and feeds or continue by inserting the Web Feeds macro on any Confluence page.