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Atlassian Consultant / Project Manager

Area of expertise

Peter Weilbächer has been with //SEIBERT/MEDIA since 2019. He specializes in the strategic consulting of companies in the area of intranets and knowledge management. He advises our customers in all matters relating to the implementation of special applications with Confluence. He leads customers through the entire process as a strategic partner, from the first workshops, to the budgeting and conceptual design phase, through to implementation and launch.

Skills and expertise

  • Social intranets with Linchpin
  • Knowledge management with Atlassian Confluence
  • Initial consultations for Atlassian projects


since 2019: Atlassian Consultant at //SEIBERT/MEDIA


2016 - 2019: Communication Consultant, Vizeum Deutschland GmbH
2013 - 2016: Media Management (B.A.), Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden

Name: Peter Weilbächer
Position: Atlassian Consultant / Project Manager
Employee since: 2019

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