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Your new web project is being developed with Java? You would like to expand an existing Java System or migrate a software platform? You need an interface between your applications within your enterprise? //SEIBERT/MEDIA is the right partner for you.

Modern Java technologies in projects

Applications that are realized with Java have a stable user core and at the same time a high degree of flexibility. Together with Oracle Java certified programmers, //SEIBERT/MEDIA develops high quality individual software with modern Java technologies such as JEE, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, GWT, Java Message Server, ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, EJB, the application server GlassFish and JBoss, OSGi as well as Groovy and Grails. Our developers also have experience with Enterprise Service Bus and Enterprise Information Service/Messaging.

We value iterative expandability, performance, scaleability, testability, and independence from platforms. We can thus create individual and high end software solutions, which can be expanded and changed at any point.

Why //SEIBERT/MEDIA is the right partner for you

Since 1996, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has been developing applications, websites, extranets and intranets. About 30 experienced developer invest over 3,500 monthly developing hours in software projects. Through this experience and expertise, our programmers have extensive capabilities regarding object oriented high end software solutions.

The repertory extends from big Java projects such as the development of the social media tracking software TwentyFeed and the dynamic application generator StepStone to small projects, such as the realization of individual plugins for Java based collaboration systems Confluence and JIRA. We cover the complete life cycle of your Java Software, from planning to realization with agile tools such as Scrum, to systematic testing and possibly use.

Agility in Java projects

In Java projects, //SEIBERT/MEDIA uses agile software development. Our Java developers are Scrum certified, and tens of thousands of hours in project experience in internal and external projects with agile development methods make //SEIBERT/MEDIA one of the most experienced and biggest suppliers of Scrum. Early problem discovery and permanent quality control in our Java projects assure highest quality, maximum scaleability and strict compliance with time to market.

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