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What are exclusive field categories?

Exclusive field categories are categories which are only part of the profile for certain user groups.

Every profile field inside such a field category will only be editable and offered to the same user group.

The exclusive profile fields are not hidden. Every search will be able to find the info, and all users can view the info in the respective profiles. But not all users will be even able to acquire said profile fields for their profile.

Example & Explanation

A user group "marketing" exists. User A is part of "marketing", user B and user C are not.

We create an exclusive field category for only the "marketing" group. Inside this category, we create an exclusive profile field called "Marketing role".

User A now has the option to edit the profile field "Marketing role" inside their profile.

User B and User C don't have this profile field in their profile.

All users (A, B and C) can see the info inside the profile of user A.

This is not a security restriction. It is meant to reduce the information flood for users.

Please note that if a user has set a field value which is later set to restricted, the value can still be found in the search.

How do I create exclusive field categories?

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin User Profiles → Profile Editor.

In the Profile area section you will find a Create a new profile category button.

Click on the Create a new profile category button.

Inside the first text field (called Category), enter the name of your category.

Inside the second text field below (called Group restrictions), enter the name of a user group you wish to restrict this category to.

Click on the Save button.

For example, if you enter confluence-administrators as a group, the new category will be visible for everyone, but editable for Confluence admins only.

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.