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Welcome to the //SEIBERT/MEDIA license portal. On this page you will find all infos about our license business. You would like to learn more about available scaling and the pricing of Atlassian licenses or plugins or you have questions about the handling with //SEIBERT/MEDIA? You will find your answers here.

Do you have questions about purchasing Atlassian licenses? We recommend that you visit the following pages:

What are the advantages of purchasing licenses through //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  1. We offer you a comprehensive consultation of how to use and combine the desired licenses to specifically meet your requirements. 
  2. With the purchase of all offered Atlassian products as well as many third party plugins you will receive a discount of 10% of the total of your purchase (except starter licenses), which you can charge against the services we offer.
  3. When purchasing your licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA you are not required to have a credit card, as opposed to purchasing directly with Atlassian. You can pay your invoice by check or money transfer. 
  4. We will contact you ahead of time, when the support for your licenses is about to expire. This allows you to always know the current status of your licenses and to decide whether you want to extend the support period or increase the number of users.
  5. With the purchase of a Confluence license, you receive our Confluence help for free.



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