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Initial purchase of our enterprise search package for Atlassian software products

With the purchase of the initial license, you will receive the license, as well as support from IntraFind AG for one year. This allows you to send support requests and receive software updates within this period. After this support period has ended, you can extend it for 50% of the initial cost. Read Atlassian license types - Commercial, Academic, Community to find out whether you qualify for academic licenses.

Number of users (in Confluence or Jira)Commercial licenses

Academic licenses


1,500 USD

750 USD


2,800 USD

1,400 USD


5,100 USD

2,550 USD


9,900 USD

4,950 USD


15,400 USD

7,700 USD


19,800 USD

9,900 USD

10 000 

25,300 USD

12,650 USD

10 000 + 

30,800 USD

15,400 USD

You can use iFinder with Confluence, Jira and your shared drives. Please note that the user tier for the pricing will be based on the highest user tier that your instances use. If you have Confluence for 100 users and Jira for 50 users you'll have to obtain an iFinder license for 100 users.

The app is not currently available on the Atlassian Marketplace. This license is purchased directly via //SEIBERT/MEDIA. You will receive the software file and the license key, which you can install via the Add-On Manager in your Confluence system.


  • This is an out-of-the-box attractively priced package as you are familiar with from Atlassian. It comes with detailed documentation and support. However, this is only the first step to implement enterprise-wide search in your company. We cover Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira and shared drives containing up to 100,000 files. 
  • We offer limited support for connecting shared drives as the configuration can become complex fast. We recommend that you start with a simple configuration so you can implement the indexing of file shares yourself. If you have a massive infrastructure or very specific requests, you will need to plan for an extra budget for professional services via IntraFind.
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