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Main area

Create content for the main area

The main area of Linchpin Touch is composed of four quadrants. The content for each of these quadrants corresponds to the content of a Confluence page. These four Confluence pages can be in a specifically designed "touch space", but they do not have to be. What's important is that the touch user must have permission to read this page.

Your first step is to create these four pages containing content you want to shown in your Linchpin Touch main area.

Recommended content options for the quadrants:

  • The "Cover Stories" macro from the Enterprise News bundle in the 1-tile or 4-tile configuration.
  • The "Event List" or "Event Calendar" macros from EasyEvents.
  • Plain text.
  • A simple image in landscape format.

After creating your four pages you go to the "Layout & Content" section of the Administration of Linchpin Touch, which you find in your Confluence Administration.

Simple start typing the title of a page in one of the four input fields. An autocomplete will help you select the right one. Click on the page you want to select or choose it by hitting your enter key.

(info) The title of the page will be used as the headline for the corresponding quadrant. So you should give it a nice title. Changing the page title later will also change the headline in your Linchpin Touch view.

Basically you can put anything you want into these four pages for the main area. What is shown is somewhat limited by the limited space on the screen for each quadrant. At the moment, scrolling within a quadrant is not possible. That's why you should try to show contents that don't need more room than is available. 

In the example on the left we only have news: four pages, each containing the Cover Stories macro from the Enterprise News Bundle, but configured to show news from different sources. Sidebar and footer haven't been configured yet in this example.

If you are using macros that are not part of the Linchpin Suite for the main area, chances are that it won't work perfectly. In this case, please feel free to drop us a quick note via our support channel so we can look into it. 

Note on Cover Stories: Version 1.4.x of the Enterprise News Bundle contains a bug, which results in Linchpin Touch partly pixelating images. The error does not occur with later versions of the Enterprise News Bundle

Configure sidebar and footer navigation



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