We have developed many Confluence apps ourselves. You can see the use cases for these apps via the overview of Confluence use cases. Many of these apps form the core of our social intranet suite Linchpin, which is included below.

Linchpin Intranet Suite Documentation (Official Website)

Linchpin handles numerous use cases that you may have to deal with in your daily work with ease.
Whether it’s to support collaboration, optimize information channels, or efficiently involve colleagues in discussions and projects, Linchpin has the features and tools you need.

Attachments Display

Assign attachment attributes and customize the attachment file list overview.

Aura - Beautiful Formatting Macros

Aura introduces an intuitive suite of content formatting macros transforming boring pages into beautiful organized content

Blueprint Creator Logo

Blueprint Creator

Create blueprints for pages, blog posts and spaces without any programming knowledge.

Linchpin User Profiles

Enhanced user profiles and data synchronization with your local user directory.


Create the most diverse diagrams in Confluence, quickly and easily.

Duplicate Content Defender

Avoid duplicate content – even before it happens.

Linchpin Events

Organize events and participants in Confluence – well structured and fast.

Linchpin Enterprise News

Share your news – with specific user groups.

Language Manager

Manage content in multiple languages.

Linchpin Theme

Give your intranet the look that matches your corporate style.

Terms of Use

Define your terms of use.

Mail Page

Send Confluence content by email.


Share information and start discussions in a social timeline.

Space Privacy - Extranet

Work with customers and partners in secure extranet spaces.

Linchpin Launchpad - Access your external tools

Customized application links accessible to any Confluence user at any time.

Confluence apps

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This page was last edited on 06/30/2023.