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This is a page for our Linchpin and partners. We will prepare contents on this page until September 11th for the AddOn-Discovery Day 2017 in San Jose.

Introduction with Q&A for the personalized intranet communication hub that kills SharePoint behind a firewall & consistently wins you Confluence projects worth 100k+ USD.

Linchpin Intranets & Extranets

Linchpin Intranets

Linchpin Intranets are a success story

  • Over the last two years, Linchpin has become the de facto standard for enterprise intranets based on Confluence, with a massive set of features, a beautiful and customizable design and a standardized method for introduction projects.

  • We ourselves have introduced Linchpin in more than 60 companies, and more and more partners are selling Linchpin and run introduction projects at this time, from Ambientia to Clearvision to Kreuzwerker.

Excerpt of Features

Linchpin as a fully fledged intranet solution has a long list of features and capabilities, including:

  • Simplified Theme with Company Branding

  • Personalized Navigation and Home Pages
  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Communicatione
  • People Search and Extended User Profiles
  • Fully Integrated Microblogging
  • Integration of Critical Enterprise Applications
  • Better Mobile Accessibility (incl. a mobile app for iOS and Android)

Product Demonstration

We'll show you around our demonstration instance:

Linchpin Extranets

Adding people from outside your company is difficult

  • One thing we have been asked about over and over again is whether you can use Linchpin in an extranet context, too. That is, use Linchpin with customers and partners instead of co-workers.

  • And what we answered, naturally, was, “yes, sure, why not”. But then we realized that there are certain limitations or red flags when you use Confluence in an extranet setting. And the biggest red flag is that Confluence lacks user data privacy on a space level.

  • Now, what does that mean? It means that user data in Confluence is accessible globally. Every user can search for other users, mention other users, access the people directory, etc. And that's a huge problem if you're using Confluence with people outside of your company, because you want to interact with them, but you don't want them to interact with one another.

  • In an intranet use case, that’s not a big problem as data privacy is not an issue inside a company. But in an extranet use case there are people from different companies in one Confluence and their user data should be confidential.

  • What you want is something like this. A setup where you have silos that are used by certain subsets of users who cannot look beyond the borders of their space. So people from different companies cannot interact with one another.

Introducing: Space Privacy for Confluence

  • So what we did is, we took the issue back to our product team and asked them for a solution. They locked themselves in for a couple of months, developed, tested, and then came back to us with a new add-on which has since been released in the Atlassian Marketplace called Space Privacy for Confluence.

  • And with this new add-on we solve the extranet use case for Confluence so that you can use Linchpin with customers, partners, and others from outside your company and not jeopardize user data privacy.

  • So, what does it do and how does it work? Space Privacy transforms Confluence Spaces into Extranet Spaces. And once you have transformed a Confluence Space into an Extranet Space, users in that Extranet Space are limited to that Extranet Space. So, if you have access to my Confluence, but are not in my Extranet Space, I cannot search for you, I cannot mention you, I cannot see you in the people directory, etc.

  • And we solve that problem on a data level - we don't do CSS bullshit, we don't amputate features, we restructure access rights. The result is completely siloed interaction with full acknowledgement of user data privacy.

  • I know this might be difficult to grasp, and talk is cheap, so we want to give you a short demo of what Space Privacy does.

Product Demonstration

Linchpin Extranet as a Product Suite

  • We have started to offer Confluence based extranets in addition to Confluence based intranets. The approach is pretty much the same: if a company wants to introduce an extranet, they get a full-fledged solution from us, consisting of a software suite and an introduction project.

  • We call the solution Linchpin Extranet, to go along with Linchpin Intranet.

  • It is sold at a fixed price.

  • Here is the plugin suite the solution consists of:

    • Confluence

    • Space Privacy

    • Linchpin Theme Plugin

    • Microblog

    • Custom User Profile

    • Navigation Menu Editor

    • Easy Events

    • Terms of Use

    • Space Tree Creator

    • SU for Confluence

  • Pricing for bigger user tiers is ca. $20,000 for 250 and then goes up $10,000 with every tier. Pricing for introduction projects is ca. $15,000 for 250 users and goes up $5,000 with every user tier.

  • Please check out for details.

  • Our experience so far is that it is much easier to sell, because it doesn’t need to go through a steering committee.

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