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On Sunday before Atlassian Summit, we will host an info session exclusively for Atlassian Experts about Linchpin Intranets and

DateSunday, Oct 9th 2016 (two days before Atlassian Summit)
Time2pm to 5pm (Import Info Session in your calendar now!)
PlaceGuadalupe Room, San Jose Marriott, 301 South Market Street San Jose
NetworkingPlenty. We'll have lots of breaks for you to connect.
Registration mandatory?No, you can simply come and join. But seats are limited. So you better register.
Participantsmax. 5 per company, must be Atlassian Experts
Link to this page
Drinks and Party?Yes, we'll announce the place soon.


Highlight: Gerald Tombs, CEO of Clearvision


Gerry Tombs will talk about why he decided to endorse Linchpin with his customers and why they will host Linchpin as part of their Atlassian Summit booth this year.


  1. Basics of Linchpin Intranet projects: business examples, case studies
  2. Presentation of Linchpin Intranet as a software solution
  3. The sales cycle of Linchpin projects
  4. Joint marketing activities and our free offer to support you
  5. Full documentation of Linchpin project workshops
  6. Questions and answers as well as conversations with existing Linchpin partners
  7. - Introduction and add-on demonstration


Why should you participate?

  • Learn all the basics about Linchpin Intranets  directly from us
  • Understand how we pitch against big intranet solutions
  • Find out about margins and business opportunities for you
  • We will share all documentation about Linchpin project workshops with you, so that you can deliver such projects on a high quality level on your own.
  • Get started collecting "intranet leads" right from the meeting: e.g. with your own Linchpin Landing Page
  • Ask questions and talk to Atlassian partners who already work with Linchpin

Our general info page for Linchpin partners offers a variety of info and forms for your background and next steps.

View our Atlassian Summit 2016 agenda and participate in our events

Linchpin Intranets

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