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What are "My Apps"?

Inside the Launchpad the second category in the sidebar is called "My Apps". This section shows all apps you have favorited previously. If your intranet offers a wide range of apps and you're only using a small amount of them regularly, this is especially handy.

How to access "My Apps"?

You have two options to access "My Apps:

  • By clicking on the compass icon, then on Launchpad and then on My Apps in the sidebar on the left
  • By clicking on the Launchpad icon on the right

How to add apps to "My Apps"?

To add apps to your "My Apps" section, simply click on the star icon next to an app.

There are three different star icons:

  • a star icon with a blue border indicates the app is not favorited
  • a star icon in blue indicates the app is favorited
  • a grey star indicates the app is mandatory and can't be favorited

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.