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How to access the App categories

To access app categories, click on the rack icon in the header and select "Apps".

In the sidebar, click on "Configuration" and then on "Categories" underneath the Launchpad.

Create categories for apps

To create a category simply put in the name of the category in the field and click on "Add".

The more apps you offer, the more categories you should define to make it easier for users to find what's important to them.

You can also define sub categories, this let's you sort your apps even better!

How to create a sub category

To create a sub category, simply click on the plus icon next to the category.

How to delete a category

To delete a category, simply click on the trashcan icon.

A deleted category cannot be restored and has to be added again, if you deleted it by mistake.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.