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If you do not read this page, your evaluation of iFinder Universal Search for Confluence is likely to fail. Please read carefully.

This Confluence app is used by large organizations with massive heaps of data. Bringing this to the Atlassian ecosystem meant that we had to strip down a lot of its complexity. We are not finished with this process yet. Quite some steps are necessary to evaluate this solution today. These steps involve contacting us at some point, if you want your own data in the search results.

4 obligatory steps to try out iFinder in Confluence: You must do them!

1. Install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace and obtain a license.

This part is pretty standard and straight forward for most Confluence admins.

2. Create a Confluence user group called „ifinder_universal_plugin“.

Go to the admin area and create a Confluence user group called „ifinder_universal_plugin“.

3. Create a user called "admin", "pwinter" or "tschroeder".

Only users with that name have the right to search in our demo data search server. So if you try this with another user, this user will end up with empty search results. If you already have a user "admin" and want to use it for your tests, you can skip this step.

4. Add the user to the group

Please make sure, that the created user is part of the group „ifinder_universal_plugin“. Please add it.

Limitations of anonymous evaluation

All this is possible without contacting us. There are relevant limitations:

In the demo environment you will not find your own content, that is in your Confluence instance. (To add this to the search index, you have to contact us.)

To allow you to index your own Confluence content, you will need the following:

  1. Your own search index
    Your own iFinder search server (It can be hosted by us or you can host it yourself.) If you want to host it yourself you'll also have to contact us to obtain the installation files and instructions. We cannot share this on this page as of now.
  2. Install the free indexing app
    You will have to install the iFinder5 elastic Confluence Connector on your Confluence. This is a free app. 
  3. Enter the search server credentials in the admin areas of both apps
    You will have to add the search server credentials in both Confluence apps in your admin area.

Universal Search

Finding your own Confluence Content

For using the IntraFind Confluence Connector together with iFinder Universal Search please provide the following Information.
We then will setup a dedicated tenant on our demo system. 

  • Please provide a list of up to 5 Confluence user names, that will be used for testing 
  • Please provide a Confluence user and Password with sufficient Rights for the testing documents
    • only required, if you want to test preview and thumbnails within the hitlist, as well
  • We will configure access to our demo System with the provided user and send the configuration details accordingly 

Content on this page: 

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