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If you do not follow the instructions on this page, your evaluation of iFinder Universal Search for Confluence is likely to fail.

Please follow these 4 obligatory steps to try out iFinder in Confluence

Anonymous evaluation

1. Install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace and obtain a license.

Confluence administrators should be comfortable with this.

2. Create a Confluence user group called "ifinder_universal_plugin".

Go to the administration area and create a Confluence user group called "ifinder_universal_plugin".

3. Create a user called "admin", "pwinter" or "tschroeder".

Only users with these names have the right to search in our demonstration data search server. So if you try this with another user, you will see no search results. If you already have a user called "admin" and want to use it for your tests, you can skip this step.

4. Add the user to the "ifinder_universal_plugin" group.

Please make sure that the user you have just created is a member of the "ifinder_universal_plugin" group. If not, please add them.

So you can index your own Confluence content, you will need to do the following:

Limitations of anonymous evaluation: This is possible without contacting us, with a few limitations:

1. Your own search index

Use your own iFinder search server: It can be hosted by us or you can host it yourself. If you want to host it yourself please contact us to obtain the installation files and instructions.

2. Install the free indexing app

Install the iFinder5 elastic Confluence Connector in your Confluence instance. This is a free app. 

3. Enter the search server credentials

Add the search server credentials in both Confluence apps in your administration area.

Universal Search

Searching your own Confluence Content

To use the IntraFind elastic Confluence Connector together with iFinder Universal Search please fill out the form below and provide the following Information.
We then will set up a dedicated tenant on our demonstration system.

1. Provide a list of 5 users

Please provide a list of up to 5 Confluence usernames that will be used for testing 

2. Provide a username and password

Please provide a Confluence username and password with sufficient rights to test the search for documents. This is only required if you want to see previews and thumbnails within the search results.

3. We will configure your access

We will configure access to our demonstration system with the username you provided and send you the configuration details.

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