Feature Highlights

iFinder Universal Search provides you with the optimal solution for finding important information quickly across multiple systems. 
Read below to see possible use cases and the benefits iFinder offers you.


When a search term is entered, it is checked for typographic errors. The search function is very easy to use because the exact or fuzzy autocomplete helps users quickly draw conclusions about the content of the pages and documents. Page and space permissions are taken into account.

Crosslingual Search

Search terms are automatically translated into corresponding terms in the target languages and added to the search query.

Clear Results

You can jump directly to the documents and see colored highlighting of the results in the document. You will jump to the correct page to see the search results in multi-page documents. You can see the results (hits) as your search autocompletes, and be able to open them immediately.

Search Filters

You can filter the results by their metadata. Each time you select metadata to filter on, the results are refined so you will see a clear list quickly and intuitively. You can choose which types of metadata to filter on to find what you need efficiently.


The terms that you searched for are highlighted in color in the document preview. IntraFind can preview more than 600 file formats. The results also contain metadata, a text excerpt and thumbnail images with preview options.

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