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Will this cover all of the software systems that host information within our company?

Everything can be included in your iFinder enterprise search solution. But not all of this will be covered within our fixed price package.

Most bigger companies have a plethora of applications that they want to include such as file servers, NetApp-File services, SharePoint, FirstSpirit CMS, Exchange Mailserver, Lotus Notes, Liferay Portals, DMS and archiving systems, SAP but also databases and websites. Not only internal data, but also public sources like websites, social media or expert databases can be integrated into iFinder. This package offer is for Confluence, Jira and file servers with a DIY approach. If you need the other applications, you will still want to use iFinder, but you will need to contact us for more information and receive a custom offer. Such an offer will include our package as well as the customized services and technologies that your company will need.

Will you help me implement this solution?

When you implement iFinder Universal Search for Confluence as your enterprise search solution, you will receive support from the experienced Intrafind team.

Connecting the search to your Confluence system does not currently work automatically. An introductory project includes the services you need to connect and install iFinder Universal Search. All services to be provided as part of the introductory project will be defined in agreement with the project team.

Costs for services are billed with an hourly rate of € 130 / US$ 150  and can include the following:

  • Two project days to install and configure the iFinder enterprise search tool, Confluence and your file sharing system
  • About half a day for the administrator briefing (remote).
  • Customer-specific modifications can be included; Including simple changes to templates / result lists.
Can I test this solution?

Yes, please contact us. We are working on a one-click test system and will provide you with a fully functional prototype shortly after you contact us.

Who is this offer for?

This offer is only available to Atlassian customers who have an Atlassian Jira or Confluence instance with a valid license.

Why should I consider buying it?

Confluence and Jira have a functional search based on Lucene that works. iFinder offers a holistic approach to search through a powerful interface and find content in all of the information buckets in your company. Use one search field to search in your Confluence instance, Jira instance and on a file server with up to 100,000 documents. It’s more powerful, fast and very convenient.

We have multiple Confluence and Jira instances.

Please contact us. At this point, our pricing only supports one instance of Jira and/or Confluence.

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