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Your data is secure when using for Atlassian Confluence or Atlassian Jira: for Confluence and Jira (Cloud)

Your user authentication is only stored in your browser. Saving/loading your diagrams is directly between your browser and Atlassian's servers, these operations do not transit through third-party servers. for Confluence and Jira (Server/Data Center)

Your data is exclusively stored on the server that you are using to run your Confluence or Jira deployment. No diagram data ever gets tracked or saved to a source outside your deployment or used by one of our servers or third party services. 

In the default setup, no diagram data is ever sent externally under any conditions. There is an option to connect to an external image generation server to improve font support the PDF export. Note that this is disabled by default and PDF export is still available by default, just with limited font support.

ISO/IEC certifications

Because your diagram data is not shared or stored outside of your device and the platform where you save your diagram, can help you achieve certification under the ISO 27000, 27001 and 27002 standards, the three worldwide standards that cover data protection.

Along with the comprehensive and integrated Confluence revision history, your diagrams will help you get certified under ISO 19011 (auditing and quality management systems).

Linking to diagram data outside of Atlassian deployments offers to embed existing diagrams from the web service These diagrams will only be linked to the Confluence page if you manually choose so. There is no possibility to edit the diagram with the Atlassian deployment. It's a view only mode for cloud-based diagrams from Google Drive or other cloud hosting services. 

More information about data privacy and security

Please also refer to our Data privacy section and our //SEIBERT/MEDIA - End User License Agreement to learn more on how we protect your data and make it secure. There is also a blog post on data security from 2018 that you may be interested in.

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