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Full List of Features

Feature / Use caseDescription Checklists for JiraChecklists for Jira ForgeChecklists for ConfluenceMobile App
Template SearchQuickly search for templates using keywords or phrases.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Backlink to Jira and Confluence You can view the Jira Issue or Confluence Page your checklist is linked to. (tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Reopening of finished ChecklistsYou can reactivate finished checklists if you made any mistakes. (tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Audit log (in Jira Issue View)All your checklist activities in one place. (tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Project Settings in JiraManage default behavior settings for your Jira projects. (tick)(error)(minus)(error)
Template access from Jira Issue/Confluence page Quickly access the template from within the checklists.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Progress bar Stay on top of your pending and checked tasks. (tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Jira attributes integration Quickly see the Status, Assignee, and Due date of the linked Jira issue.(tick)(error)(minus)(error)
Show & hide checked tasksYou can define default visibility behavior of checked tasks or manually show/hide them on the go.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Skip tasksNo need to complete a certain task? Just skip it!(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Yes/No-tasksSome questions need answering. (tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Require additional info in checklist on "no"-answersProvide an explanation for your actions. (tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Create new checklist from templateTo fill out a checklist you have to generate it from a template.(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
How to set default checklists in my Jira projectAutomatically create a new checklist from a template in connection to issue types. (tick)(error)(minus)(minus)
AI-driven checklist creationCreate new checklists with ChatGPT from a simple sentence within seconds.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
AI Support ToggleEnable or disable the AI support for your checklist creation.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Create QR code and use checklists mobileQR codes can easily be scanned with every smartphone and used without login.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Retrieve public create link for checklists Such public links can be shared in chats and emails and allow easy checklist creation.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Create a new template for checklistsCreating templates is for defining the tasks and flow of work.(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Editable checklistsEdit a checklist on the fly or create one without a template so that spontaneous to-do list are possible.(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Manually embed a checklist into a Jira issueUseful to enhance a Jira issue with a quick and versatile checklist.(tick)(tick)(minus)(minus)
Automatically embed checklistsYou can define, that a certain checklist is automatically assigned to each new issue type in a project.(tick)(error)(minus)(minus)
Embed a checklist into a Confluence pageOften it's valuable to enhance documentation and workflow description with a checklist.(minus)(error)(tick)(minus)
Use a checklist in a page template / blueprintWhenever you create a new page with a template in Confluence you can add a checklist automatically.(minus)(error)(tick)(minus)
Offer public web interface for checklistsAll checklists can easily be filled out with a simple web interface (progressive web app).(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Headings for checklistsHeaders group tasks into cohesive units(tick)(tick)(tick)


Add notes to checklistsIf you need to add a thought or a remark to your checklist when filling it out.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Add images to checklistsA picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Add it to your checklist.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Add metadata to checklistsAbility to add contextual information to checklists while filling them out.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Copy/paste bulk tasks
 An easy way to add more than one task.
Dark mode support
Chose your preferred mode - light or dark?
Enforce checklist completion before Jira issue transitionEnforce checklist completion before issue transitions in Company-managed projects.(tick)(error)(minus)(error)
Sort your checklists task with user-friendly drag & dropDrag & drop your task & headings to your desired order. (tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Convert checklist task to Jira issueAbility to convert a checklist task to follow-up Jira issue, when a task completion is not possible.(tick)(error)(minus)(error)
Convert checklist task into Jira subtaskAbility to convert a checklist task to follow-up Jira subtask, when a task completion needs further interaction.(tick)(error)(minus)(error)
Synch data between all used platformsAll checklists and templates are perfectly synched in your Confluence and Jira didit hubs and our public web portal.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)

Define one or multiple template manager

Provide an email address of the template manager.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Invite external user to join the checklists appNot each customer and user needs to see all Checklist Instances or Templates. Only those relevant should be visible for the right people or groups.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Statistics about checklist usageWe calculate insightful statistics that are both engaging for people filling out checklists after they do so and help you understand your checklist template's usage.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Generate checklist templates from AIUse the integrated ChatGPT to create new checklist templates.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Access all checklists in the didit hubChecklists can be setup and run totally by yourself within your Atlassian software.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Filter checklists in the didit hubOnce you get the hang of it, you'll have lots of checklists. That's when our filters help.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Require signatures for checklists after completionAbility to define in a checklist template that signatures are required after completion.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Sign checklists after completionAbility to sign a checklist after completing it.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Ability to give feedback about improvementsThe first checklist almost always stinks. Iterating and improving is crucial to exploit the value of checklists. We offer a simple way to suggest improvements from within the app.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Systematically work on feedback in the didit hubOnce you receive feedback and suggestions for improvements you can resolve or delete them in the didit hub.(tick)(error)


Add descriptions for checklist templatesTo help people who fill out checklists you can add a description with links and instructions that will be displayed in each checklist as well.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Keyboard shortcutsAllow users to navigate checklist with the keyboard.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Export checklistsIf you want to save or transfer a checklist you can save a JSON export file.(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
PDF ExportYou can export your checklists as a PDF.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Import checklistsSuch exports can be imported in the software as well.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Retrieve and share a public link to a checklistEvery generated checklist can be a public checklist. Such checklists can be accessed by everyone who has the link. No login needed.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Create a button to create new checklistsWithin your documentation on Confluence pages you can insert a link to create a new checklist as a prominent button.(error)(error)(tick)(error)
Confetti for finished checklistsWhen you finish a checklist we'll throw some confetti to celebrate it with you.(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)
Read-Do and Do-confirm - Flow types when filling out checklistsWe guess what type of flow you followed when filling out the checklist.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Bureaucracy overhead for checklistsFilling out a checklist costs time. While there are numerous upsides. This downside can be measured and summed up. That's what we do.(tick)(error)(tick)(error)
Integration with Jira AutomationUse custom fields and properties to automat your workflows.(tick)(error)(error)(error)

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