LINCHPIN intranet enables your colleagues to create meaningful profiles of themselves, that connect everybody in your company. This makes onboarding of new colleagues a breeze.

The user profiles in LINCHPIN can be customized to suit your needs. For your profiles you can choose from a vast array of field types:

  • text field
  • select field
  • multi select
  • date picker
  • different users
  • language selection
  • pictures select

The profile fields can be filled from two sources.The traditional way: collegues enter their data by them self; or you sync the fields via a LDAP directory, if your company has already a LDAP directory.



If you want to connect your LDAP directory to LINCHPIN, it is straight forward to do so.

Most companys already have an LDAP directory like Active Directory, Open LDAP, etc.; these LDAP diretorys often contain most employee data that you want to show in the profiles. This way you don't need to bother your colleagues with entering information you have and data doesn't to be edited twice.

To make things clear:

You can combine profile field that are synced via LDAP with fields your colleagues enter.

Automatic Sync:

If data in your LDAP diretory changes, LINCHPIN automaticly syncs with your LDAP directory.


Employee Completion Of Profile Information

If no LDAP directory is present, or LDAP date is not complete, your colleagues can enter profile data by their own. This way you can replace your phone book with an always current list of phone numbers.

How To Enter Profile Fields

As said before, it's easy to combine profile field that are synced via LDAP with fields your colleagues enter.

Mandatory Profile Fields

To ensure the best experience for your users, it is sometimes necessary to force your colleagues to enter certain data. For example you could need some location information to deliver the right news to your users.


Use Profile Data in LINCHPIN Intranet


In a Social Intranet profile data is key. LINCHPIN makes it easy to re-use profile information every where as vCards in the Intranet, if you want to add contacts, organize a meeting or present a department.


Beefed up Profiles

Profile with contact details, emergency information, skill set, photo...


Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".

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