Focusing the wiki usage

 We assist you with the development of wiki solutions for a concrete use case. That means:

You see a challenge and we find a solution together with the help of your wiki.

Both simple, quickly implemented and uncomplicated solutions or complex, fully automated plugins with interfaces are possible. A wiki gives you every freedom and is, in many respects, the key to specific, individual process optimization.

 Content of the workshop

  • Understanding the status quo and the problem of the company via a mutual conversation.
  • Creation of a user story for the ideal situation.
  • Establishment of a first solution scenario directly in the wiki. However, the establishment of a solution is not absolutely necessary. Usually we develop scribbles or wireframes that describe the solution.
  • Definition of acceptance tests for a solution.
  • Definition of the further steps.

Example of a use-case from our projects

Status quo for the customer

One of the customers of //SEIBERT/MEDIA is an internationally operating industrial organization. For the world-wide roll-out of new products, extensive marketing plans are developed. These marketing plans are communicated across the company as sophisticated powerpoint presentations via e-mail. Relevant tasks for the marketing plan are created as Word files in the course of the meeting preparation and communicated via e-mail. Meeting preparations in the context of marketing plans are made via e-mail with a DOC attachment.


  • Marketing plans are made decentralized in the form of presentations.
  • Marketing plans are prepared inconsistently. 
  • Not all templates for the creation of marketing plans are made available centrally. Partially, different versions are circulating.
  • Not all iterations of the marketing plans are made available centrally.
  • Tasks are created as Word files and communicated decentralized via e-mail.
  • There are challenges regarding transparency, communication, efficiency and effectivity and especially within the context of the coordination of activities.


  • A wiki portal should be created inside the current Confluence wiki to centrally create marketing plans.
  • All information, that is included in marketing plans nowadays, should be edited in the form of wiki-documents in the future; thus the project manager can create them by clicking the templates and simply adding content.
  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA creates templates for Confluence, that allow a suitable presentation of the content and that offer orientation to the project manager.
  • To appropriately capture the content of the presentations, you can create templates with the help of Confluence plugins that contain meaningful diagrams, gantt-charts, tables etc.
  • For central task management in marketing plans, the mature Confluence plugin TaskDock should be used. TaskDoc allows a wiki specific task management and the creation of page specific tasks including status monitoring, without falling back on a powerful tool like JIRA.

Advantages: Specific process optimization through systematically capturing content and tasks in the wiki

  • With one click, a project manager can create a wiki space for a marketing plan. With just a click he creates the single documents, that already contain wiki code and just need to be filled with specific content.
  • The important information is available at a glance. The editing is homogeneous.
  • All templates and information are captured in the central system. Files like PPTs and DOCs are versioned and are also available in all older versions.
  • Marketing plans are always available in the latest version and can easily be edited by various participants.
  • Tasks are captured centrally and transparently. The latest status information is available at any time.
  • In addition, it is possible to display PPTs directly and also edit them directly in the Confluence Wiki (WebDAV Plugin required).

Requirements and process for a Use-Case-Workshop

A Use-Case-Workshop by //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a combination of several consecutive sessions, where we work in small teams on several topics and solutions.

  • For the Use-Case-Workshop more topics and solutions can be handled. We recommend to schedule at least 45 minutes or better 90 minutes per topic. More than 2 hours are only rarely necessary in  the first session.
  • The workshop is conducted by an experienced wiki consultant with many years of project experience. Support by IT-Experts or developers is optional, to professionally answer technical questions.
  • The Use Case Workshops are held via DSS or at your site. (travel expenses occur)
  • A maximum of 4 persons are allowed during a Use Case Workshop (including the instructor). It has to be a small group, so that solutions are created and it is not just a discussion.  According to our experience, groups with 2 or 3 participants are ideal.
  • It’s enough, if the participants have one issue in mind regarding communication, transparency, processes, procedures, documentation, effectivity, efficiency or quality. The participants don’t have to prepare anything for the Use Case Workshop. 
  • Use Case Workshops have to be conducted with decision makers. Participants are needed who know the procedures and are able to have an impact on them. Anything else can be frustrating.

Exemplary calculations for a realization

To conduct workshops with //SEIBERT/MEDIA is easy and straightforward. We completely meet your needs. Every workshop is individual. The calculation will exactly match your demand:





Preparation of the workshop and determination of your needs

We are very experienced with running workshops and have prepared agenda and training points. On the one hand, the scope of these training points is so large, that we are never able to discuss all the content with you. On the other hand, it’s important that the content is adapted to the participants. We prepared an extensive questionnaire, that we will send to you in advance. Furthermore, we will talk with the responsible professionals regarding goals, scope and content of the training. This is an important basis for a valuable and high-quality mutual workshop.

Many of our customers already have questions, concepts and other documents that they want to be part of the workshop. We check these documents up front and try to integrate them in our training concept.

280 USD / 1.5 hours560 USD / 3 hours1,120 USD / 6 hours

Conducting the workshop

Workshops are always conducted by experienced //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultants. Depending on the target group and the previous experience of your colleagues, we have consultants in the strategic, design, IT or administrative field. The workshop can either be held at your site or remotely via a desktop-sharing-session (e.g. WebEx or TeamViewer). Please note that on-site workshops shouldn’t take longer then 6 hours per workday. We experienced that longer on-site workshops are very exhausting and occasionally unproductive. Extensive workshops contain overnight stays. Remote sessions shouldn’t take longer then 2-3 hours.

375 USD / 2 hours1,120 USD / 6 hours 2,250 USD / 12 hours

Additional costs

Our regulations for travel expenses are very customer oriented. When purchasing two full workshop days, you will not be charged any travel expenses. For shorter workshops, we will share our travel expenses with you.

 0 USDindividual individual 


Please note, that additional 20% project management services may apply where required. However, pure workshops don’t require project management services.

655 USDfrom 1,680 USDfrom 3,370 USD

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.



Why you should conduct workshops with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is your expert for corporate communication and the use of social media in your company and has been one of the leading wiki specialists in Germany and in the U.S. for several years. We already run numerous wiki projects with corporate groups, smaller and mid-sized companies from every sector and are familiar with many challenges that arise, numerous different use-cases and solutions.

Our wiki-consultants know professional wiki-systems like Confluence and Foswiki through years of daily work, and know what’s important. With //SEIBERT/MEDIA you also profit from the expertise of a partner, who has already developed it's own wiki-plugins and who has a direct connection to Atlassian as an official expert partner.

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