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As part of a Linchpin project package , there are several training courses that you can take advantage of. 

Basic user training

This is included in the Structure Workshop to familiarize the project team with Linchpin and Confluence intranets.  This course can also be run later in the project to prepare your users for the intranet launch.

Expert user training

This course is for power users - those who will be using the more advanced functions of Linchpin. Users attending this course should have either attended the basic user training course, or have a good working knowledge of Confluence and Linchpin.

Administrator training 

This course is recommended for IT support personnel and content administrators who need to be familiar with how to set up, configure and maintain your Linchpin intranet. It would be useful for future IT support administrators to have attended the basic user training course, and content administrators to have attended both the basic and expert user training courses.

Linchpin configuration training

Administrators will learn how to configure the various Linchpin and third party apps in this training course.

Editor training

Editors are power users who do a little bit of administration and keep the content focused, up-to-date and ensuring that everyone follows the corporate guide (if there is one). There is a slight overlap with expert users and administrators. 


Also known as multiplier training, this course is recommended to power users who have completed both basic and expert user training, and who will provide ongoing support and in-house training to new employees after the Linchpin project has been completed. Administrators are also welcome to attend.

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