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About Miles Faulkner

Experienced Consultant, Program Manager and a not particularly good, but enthusiastic golfer - also Co-CEO Blended Perspectives - Canada's largest Platinum Solutions Partner.


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Miles Faulkner will summarize their research around the top ten apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.
(Spoiler alert: is king of the hill!)


Getting collaboration in Confluence started is hard. If you have killer applications at hand there's a lot of use cases from the very beginning that everyone in the company can take advantage of. Linchpin introduces personalization, a native mobile app and touch screen interfaces to confluence as well as 12 apps with bespoke intranet features. Diagramming in Confluence is one of the most common use cases in Confluence. is the most popular diagramming App on the Atlassian Marketplace. Get to know them in this session.

Read their blog post with the details

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