We regularly hold events at //SEIBERT/MEDIA for our colleagues, so we can have fun doing non-work activities together. Here are a few of our past events and trips with colleagues and friends. You can find out more about us in our team portal, where many of our colleagues have included their photos, experience and expertise.




Ready Steady Cook

Since the beginning of the year we have held regular cooking events, which have turned into competitions.

We've had a few different variations so far:

  • Mystery meal - Team A buys food items with a set budget of XX Euro, these are then to be creatively prepared by Team B and shared with all participants.
  • Wish for a menu - "Team A" requests that Team B prepare a course of dishes with a particular theme.

At the end of March, we decided to have a lottery, where all participants submit a request for their favorite dish, and a lottery decides which meals will be cooked by each team.

That's how we got to eat a delicious Tom Yam Gung soup! #nomnomnom

Ski Trip 2017

A few weeks ago, it was finally that time again: Our annual //SEIBERT/MEDIA ski trip was on! Approximately 20 colleagues and friends of //SEIBERT/MEDIA  - from the absolute newbie to the piste-tested ski veterans - went on the tour to Kaprun in the magnificent state of Salzburg. Four days on the slopes flew by, and we've all become fast friends: driving down the slopes together and sharing personal stories in the evenings was a great experience. Look out for more photos in an upcoming blog post!

Anniversary Celebration

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is now 20! In 1996 - the internet was still uncharted territory, when a teenager called Martin launched a company called Homepage-Design Seibert, which later became //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

Well, two decades later, we celebrated our anniversary together with current and former employees, friends and long-standing customers - with the biggest and best party we have ever organized!

Our anniversary celebration followed the HPDS style as derived from the initial company name. We produced and sent a specially designed digital magazine to our present and former colleagues as the year progressed, to arouse anticipation for the final event - the HPDS party! It was colorful, surprising, and more than a little nostalgic.


Table Soccer Tournament

During summer, the Luisenforum hosted a tournament with table soccer champion Katrin Matsushita and we were there every step of the way.

Sticking to our motto of "Pics or it did not happen", here is a picture of our team. Well done guys!


We don't only do software! (smile)

Our football (soccer) team meets each week to kick around the ball. We love to play the occasional friendly game against other teams, for example our neighbors AOE from the LuisenForum.

Wiesbaden Engagiert! 2016

This year, for the third year in a row, we supported a community project for the week of action "Wiesbaden Engagiert!". As we supported a physical project last year (gardening), we wanted to change the focus of our project for this year. This year's project was called "Learning between worlds" and invited young adults to participate who attend the vocational training (BvB) at the Hessischer Wirtschaft e.V educational institute.

On the day of the project, we conducted multiple application interviews with the youths from the vocational training program.



Hackathon l 2016

Our first Hackathon in 2016! From 12-13 May we had a 24 hour Hackathon. The aim of the Hackathons is to create a product or complete a small project within a very shot, limited and highly focused time period. The Hackathon team has the freedom to choose any product or project. We run Hackathons every six months at //SEIBERT/MEDIA, providing a balance to our other six-monthly event, Open Spaces.

Here you can see a short video from this Hackathon (in German):

Girls' Day 2016

During this year's Girls' Day on 28 April, Julia and Cara joined us in the office. They created a webpage with our developer Torsten: https://www.seibert-media.com/girlsday2016/


Walking with the Llamas

For our first Sunday event of the year, we visited the llamas and alpacas from the Kisselmühle behind the Kloster Eberbach in Rheingau. Along with a large group of our colleagues' children, we went on a sunny walk with the fluffy critters. All together, there were about 40 colleagues with kids!






Barista Workshop

We knew we needed to learn more about coffee when we purchased our new Siebträger espresso machine, because we wanted to have high quality, fresh espresso in the office.

Because a lot can go wrong when making coffee with a manual espresso machine, we booked a small workshop for the office, to learn how to make a good espresso (and cappuccino). Along with hands-on practice with the machine, we served a few coffees to customers. With new knowledge under our belts, there was a lot of espresso drunk and the participants may have experienced slightly raised blood pressure(wink)





Poker Tournament I 2016

The first poker tournament of the year couldn't have been more exciting. We played late into the night, until a lucky winner emerged. Around 25 colleagues and friends took part. At the same time, our new console was inaugurated with a team FIFA football game.





Sushi Event I 2016

The whole team helped to prepare fresh sushi for everyone - you can see the delicious and impressive result in the photos! (smile) 



Ski Trip 2016

A small group of colleagues meet at the beginning of every year to indulge in skiing and snowboarding. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances are warmly welcome to come along. //SEIBERT/MEDIA contributes 50% to the accommodation costs of employees.


New Year's Party 2016

This year's New Year's party theme was "Pulp Fiction". With damn good milkshakes, kahuna burgers, a daring twist contest and an incredible amount of fun, we celebrated in our new space on the third floor of the LuisenForums. Many colleagues wore costumes, and the best won a trophy. 'Real' blood splatters on the windows and walls and the lit briefcase were only a few of the decorations at the party!






Christmas 2015

Christmas greetings with cookies from //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Here is our 2015 Christmas video for customers and partners (in German) (smile)

The Seibert Football Team

Every Monday after work, many colleagues meet to play football (soccer) together. We play indoors in winter, and in summer, outside. After the game we enjoy a cold drink of some kind together.


Sternschnuppenmarkt 2015

At the end of our 24 hour Hackathon we rang in the festive season with a visit to the Wiesbaden Sternschnuppenmarkt (Christmas market). Despite the nasty weather, the evening was great — as you can see, we had a lot of fun! (smile)

Hackathon II 2015

It felt like Christmas as we went into our last Hackathon for this year. Plenty of cookies and gingerbread fueled the multiple projects. After 24 hours, when some colleagues had worked the whole night through, we went as we do every year to the Wiesbaden Sternschnuppenmarkt. A fabulous ending to this event!




Advent Calendar 2015

Like every year, there is a colorful advent calendar in our office. This year, it took the form of a look back at the past year, including achievements, events, colleagues' growing families, etc. We are thrilled to open a 'door' each day and revel in the Christmas festive season.

Summer Event 2015

We started our summer event with a short hike from Schierstein to Frauenstein (St Peter wanted to do his best for us too  (wink)) . A small snack waited at the end of the first stage, giving us enough strength to tackle the second stage. From Georgenborn to the BBQ location, a fun mixture of geocaching and treasure hunt distracted us. In total, we wandered about 9 km. Beach volleyball, archery and football were also to be had, and a delicious grilled dinner ended the day on a high note.




Wiesbaden Wine Festival 2015

As we do every year, we went to the Wiesbaden Wine Festival with a colorful troop. This year we were at Egert Winery's booth 109, and had a great time together. (smile)

A few statistics from the evening:

  • 39 bottles of wine
  • 40 bottles of water
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine
  • About 40 - 50 colleagues
  • An incredible amount of fun!



Vegan Cooking Course 2015

Following the theme of our "highway to health", a vegan cooking challenge was organized. Led by the expertise of two colleagues, we cooked a very healthy vegan meal in the evening. And it actually was delicious! The menu consisted of no fewer than three dishes, all of which were simple and quick to prepare (even for those who can't cook at all).

Hackathon I 2015

Hackathon - a word created from "hack" and "marathon" - that means 24 hours spent programming a project of your choice, alongside a lot of fun with colleagues and a pile of pizza. The aim of a hackathon is to create a creative, useful or entertaining software project within the 24 hours.  And because the sun was great this year, it saw us barbecuing on our fantastic terrace. Nomnomnom.

Company Tournament Eltville 25 May 2015

In May 2015 we participated in the Pfingsturnier in Eltville. Our football (soccer) team consisted of many colleagues, friends and great sportsmen who had heard about us and wanted to take part. We usually just kick around for fun on Saturdays or on public holidays, but this time we had enough people interested to make our debut in the official regional league. (wink)

We were awarded 4th place (of 10 teams). Congratulations to our team! (smile)


Wiesbaden Engagiert! 2015


For the second time, //SEIBERT/MEDIA took part in the city-wide campaign Wiesbaden Engagiert! an initiative to encourage companies to support a community project. Last year, we helped the AWO Wiesbaden Altenhilfezentrum in the Kastellstraße rip out their overgrown garden, this year we have planted a new garden: The inner courtyard that we previously cleared is now finally green.


Charity Walk & Run in Wiesbaden 2015

So much fun! For the third time in a row, many colleagues took part in the Charity Walk & Run in the Wiesbaden Kurpark. This time, 16 people spread themselves across the three events - 10 km run, 5 km run, and 5 km walk. A few colleagues set themselves goals, such as a time limit, or even a face they would make when crossing the finish line. For fans of statistics: The first 10 km runner came across the finish line at 44 minutes, the first 5 km runner at 27 minutes, and the first 5 km walker crossed the line before an hour was up.

We are pleased we could contribute, with participants and with donations (in the form of the entry fee for each participant), and could help charity organizations (Bärenherz Stiftung, Zwerg Nase Stiftung, Humanity First Deutschland e.V.) 

Seven in Prague for AtlasCamp

AtlasCamp, next to the Atlassian Summit, is the second largest event by our partner Atlassian Software. This year it was in Prague - and we flew to the Czech capital at the beginning of June with seven people for a couple of days. There was plenty of exciting news, interesting keynotes, presentations and workshops, many new and renewed friendships, and a few great social events. Last but not least, Martin succeeded in getting Thomas addicted to the smartphone game Ingress! (wink)

A Visit from Luisa on Girls' Day 

Companies and colleges around Germany open their doors on Girls' Day for young women who want to get a feel for apprenticeships or university courses in IT, a variety of trades, science and technology. A couple of weeks ago, 13 year old Luisa visited us. She didn't just take a look at the company, but jumped in with both feet - pair programming with Tobi, HTML and CSS coding with Torsten and designing with Diana. We had fun and we hope that Luisa went away with a great impression.

Rock Festival at //SEIBERT/MEDIA \m/ 

Our traditional New Year's party this year had the theme of "Rock @ //SEIBERT/MEDIA" - and it was a truly hot party! Until late in the night, our office had "bands, beer and brilliant fun" - with live music from Staggin Rutt, the Creampies and At the End of the Day. There was, of course, an obligatory festival mobile toilet! Thank you to the cool bands and the organization team, who got our first //SEIBERT/MEDIA festival off the ground with so much attention to detail. You can find photos from this event and others on our Facebook page.

The Festive Season at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

After work on Friday evening, we'll visit the Christmas market in Wiesbaden together - a lovely tradition at //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Punch and mulled wine at the expense of the petty cash box. In the office it's also festive: There is a fantastic advent calendar in the lounge. We are looking forward to Christmas!

At the Atlassian Summit in San Jose

The Atlassian Summit 2014 is over, and as a sponsor of this event and one of the largest partners of the Australian software company, we were there in San Jose with our own stand to present at the largest yearly user conference. Eric, Inga, Martin, Reda, Sebastian and Uta were all there, and could not be shaken by such small mishaps like a rental car being broken into and video equipment being stolen. Of course, we made many videos and did many interviews which are available on our YouTube channel.

Charity Walk&Run in Wiesbaden (2014)

Again this year, the Charity Walk & Run was held in the Wiesbaden Kurpark, for the eighth time. It is a charity race which supports children through the entry fees, and seven athletic colleagues have run and walked their way across the finish line.  A strong performance for a good cause, you can't deny that nerds are never athletic! (wink)





Hackathon  2014

Summer 2014 saw the //SEIBERT/MEDIA team again working through the night. One of our team, overloaded with intense video creation and editing, ran around with a camera day and night to capture the event. Here are some sound bites and impressions from our colleagues taken during the Hackathon.

Vegan Cooking at //SEIBERT/MEDIA

As part of our Highway to health program at //SEIBERT/MEDIA, we cooked a vegan dinner together, supervised by our experienced head chef Sebastian Preuss.


Awesome Ski Trip to Serfaus 2014

In 2014 once again, a group of colleagues and friends of //SEIBERT/MEDIA went on a ski trip. Check out our awesome, super cool trip video!

There's a party!

On 24 January 2014, the new year was officially greeted with drinks, fun, good music and great surprises at a party in the lounge at //SEIBERT/MEDIA. The theme this year was the '80s and 90s'. A long, long time ago. Forgotten everything already? Here's a quick reminder:

  • The 80s: The Iron Curtain and the end of the Berlin Wall. Tracksuits from parachute fabric. IBM introduced the first home computer, Apple the Macintosh and Commodore the C64. Private television, Dallas, Denver, Dirty Dancing, Bravo, Depeche Mode, Nena, Michael Jackson.
  • The 90s: Reunification and the Maastricht Treaty. World and European champions in football (soccer). Mobile phones and SMS, Internet and WWW. Homepage-design Seibert. Tamagotchis and Hans Meiser. Dance floors, techno, tramp stamps.

Visiting the Wiesbaden Wine Festival 2013

It is now a great tradition, every year we attend Rheingauer Weinwoche, this year in August. The end of the work day found us at the booth of the master vintner of Wiesbaden City, to enjoy a few hours of chatting and sampling good wines from around our region - as always at the expense of the company. (smile)



//SEIBERT/MEDIA Footballers at the Tournament in Opferbaum: A cool team event outside the workplace

What do dedicated football fans do to get through the longest summer break of all time? Of course, they put themselves in front of the ball and fight to win a trophy. The footballers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA and their friends did just that, participating on 28 July 2012 in the football tournament in Opferbaum near Würzburg. With moderate success always within reach, a great finale with plenty of cold beer and a delicious BBQ made all participants happy.


European Championship 2012 at //SEIBERT/MEDIA: 13 June BBQ followed by live football - Holland vs. Germany

It's finally the European Championship! There are questions upon questions: Will Schweinsteiger become the second "Boot of the Nation"? How have the Bayern footballers recovered from their finals tragedy? How can Daniela and Ronald Lahm quickly conceive, birth and raise another son, so that we can play with two decent defensive players? Why is everyone talking about Spain and Germany and what about the chronically lucky countries like France, Russia and Italy? Who will kick England out on penalties? And will Martin Seibert teach all serious participants about fear in the //SEIBERT/MEDIA betting pool, because he simply bets 2:1 on every game?


The First Gallery from //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Wiesbaden: Our colleagues are artists!

On June 1st we finally officially opened our new office in the Wiesbaden LuisenForum, and celebrated with colleagues, previous employees, customers and friends with a wonderful office-warming party. As part of the opening, we held our first art exhibition: The //SEIBERT/MEDIA gallery presentation with the theme "Green". More photos are in the blog post (in German).


Office-Warming Party 2012 - "Picnic in Green" in Our New Office

The opening party on June 1st was a great success. Together with many current and previous colleagues, customers and friends, we celebrated moving into the coolest office in the city with the theme //SEIBERT+Luise. There, the first art gallery installation from //SEIBERT/MEDIA was officially opened, and guests could take one of two themed tours through the office to see how our work and organization functions. A clever improvisation theatre performance was greatly admired, and great cocktails, tasty BBQ treats and a sensational buffet rounded out an incredible evening. Thank you to everyone for coming and for providing such great ideas.




Towel Day 2012

Towel Day is celebrated world wide every year by fans of the author Douglas Adams, who died in 2001, by taking towels with them everywhere they go. Towels are the most practical of all things:

A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around yourself for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a mind-bogglingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you — daft as a brush, but very very ravenous); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.

More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitchhiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitch hiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitch hiker might accidentally have "lost." What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.


Football with Colleagues and Friends

You can recover from the sophisticated mental challenges in our workday naturally well on the sofa. But for a few //SEIBERT/MEDIA employees, their friends and colleagues from affiliated companies, the weekend is most definitely for tackling, back heel shots, brilliant saves, furious attacks, plays straight through to the goal line, and scissor kicks. Hobby footballers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA meet every Saturday in the ring of amateur football for lively games of 5-on-5 or 6-on-6 out on the field.




Summer Event 2011 - Trip to Chameleon Beach Resort Florsheim


//SEIBERT/MEDIA Sommer Event on 13 June 2010 and World Cup

The Rheingau Palais opened its doors on the 13 June: //SEIBERT/MEDIA invited all employees, partners, friends and customers to their summer festival.

This year (not unexpectedly), summer is dominated by the biggest sporting event of the year, the football World Cup in South Africa. In the afternoon, the hobby footballers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA, friends and customers can take to the field at the Sportplatz in Schierstein: our world cup started at 16:45, and with enough players we held a small tournament. (The showers at the Sportplatz were very much appreciated afterwards!)


Our //SEIBERT/MEDIA Summer festival 2010: A look back

On the 13 June, the //SEIBERT/MEDIA team kicked off the best season with this year's summer festival and the football World Cup. We look back on a great day, seeing as a football state of emergency is upon us. (smile) 

Three winners at the summer festival football tournament

With the best weather and in total 18 hobby footballers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA and friends, the ideal prerequisites for the start of a great day with the ball were there. We started with a small tournament of 6 player teams: 20 minutes, each team against the others. Read more about our tournament in this blog post (in German).



Weihnachten 2009

An internet company celebrates Christmas also in the internet, at least a little ...

//SEIBERT/MEDIA Invites Everyone to the European Championship Studio

Once again, we see stereotypes confirmed: Men (and women) swap photos of football stars, in person and email conversations are dominated by predictions both good and bad, the //SEIBERT/MEDIA betting pool is already weeks old, the European Championship appointment planner is doing the rounds, and more than a few employees have been caught admiring a replay of Oliver Bierhoff's golden goal on YouTube.

The countdown has started for the football European Championship 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, and football fever has taken hold of //SEIBERT/MEDIA. The summer 2006 //SEIBERT/MEDIA World Cup Studio was greatly appreciated. So of course, it's only natural we want to repeat these fantastic evenings!


 Ski Trip to Dachsteingebirge 2008



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