System Access Requirements

In the context of Consulting Packages Plus, workshops or other services provided by Seibert Media, it is necessary that we are granted access to your system(s). Most of our customers grant such access. We are able to provide high quality customer service through site-to-site VPN connections, which allows use to quickly and easily access problems anytime on your systems. If a site-to-site VPN is not an option for your company, there are alternatives that should take the following requirements into account:

  • Access must be possible via Mac OS with any browser.
  • Two-factor authentication must be possible without a hardware token. A software token (e.g., via a mobile device) is recommended.
  • Any VPN software that may be required must not need a Windows VM.
  • Any VPN software that may be required must not restrict the user's Internet access or other VPN connections during the connection.
  • VPN access should not be personalized.

The bottom line is that it is very difficult and requires a lot more effort on both sides to provide consulting without system knowledge and access. When problems with the system arise there are often many solutions available; however, technical and professional consulting that provides such solutions is often not possible without access to your systems. If access to your Atlassian systems is still not possible according to the listed criteria above then the following consequences may occur regarding support we are able to provide:

  • Complicated system access generally leads to longer response and resolution time on our part.
  • We cannot provide support for configurations and settings of your system.
  • We cannot trace problems and messages from you to your system(s). Accordingly, it takes tedious communication to clarify the request.
  • In case of VPN connections that restrict Internet access, the processing of your request will take longer, as it is necessary to switch between VPN connections for searches. 
  • Personalized VPN access and / or hardware tokens mean that in urgent cases, illness, vacation, etc., none of our colleagues can substitute. The processing of your request is dependent on individual persons. Hardware tokens are stored in a safe in our office. Currently (given the global covid-19 pandemic all of our employees are working from home office) we realize that this is not feasible. In addition, the inclusion of colleagues from other specialist teams is complicated and may not be possible in a timely manner.

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