TL;DR: Prepare your specific pitch and describe benefits for both sides. We don't answer vague invitations for calls. 

This page is for companies or individuals that consider working with Seibert Media as an investor. You have the money (capital) and we have products and solutions that may be of interest for you. We get approached often by investors, especially American venture capital organizations who check out the market. Most people simply ask for a call without offering anything in return. I do understand, that it may be sufficient in some cases to simply have money to invest to get attention. 

For a call with us you will have to do some homework and need to prepare your pitch to be tailored to our needs.

So if you have a specific idea of what you can offer to us we're happy to consider a call. But what is it that you can offer? What is the specific outcome that you envision for your call? Don‘ be vague like „We‘ll talk about ways of working together.“ but be specific like „I want to talk about ways to invest in this product. Our benefit should be X. I see you benefit in Y“.

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