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Co-CEO at Seibert Media GmbH, CEO at Seibert Media Corp 

Sebastian Martini (birth name Sebastian Preuss) has been part of Seibert Media since 1998 and became a minority shareholder in the company in 2010. He leads the operating business of the company and is responsible for the turnover and the results. In addition, his focus is on strategic development, sales, consulting and developing talent. 

Resume Summary 

Experienced executive in the software space with a strong belief in agile practices. Fully committed to making the company I have been working for since its formation a success story. Grateful to be the co-CEO for a team of +350 employees. Proud to have helped our firm grow to almost 100M € in annual revenue. Highly motivated to take our business to the next level and make it a global success.

Work Experience

1998 to 2007, Head of Consulting at Seibert Media GmbH 

Starting in 1998, I helped build up the consulting department at Seibert Media while studying Communication Science at the University of Mainz. The services we offered at the time were mainly developing custom web software and building corporate websites. We also set up a usability testing  department, conducting UX research with customers. The most defining experience during that time was building complex web-based software solutions for customers from scratch and thus fulfilling huge needs our customers had. Standardized software products were hard to come by at the time. We therefore learned how to build new products from the ground up and set the foundation for the product business we are successfully running today.

2008 to 2011, Executive Assistant at Seibert Media 

After completing university, I took a 6-months break to travel the world. I signed my employee agreement with Seibert Media before leaving and returned in January 2008 to start my new position. Upon my return, I became part of the executive team and worked closely with our founder and CEO Martin Seibert. We split responsibilities, with him being responsible for new business and me being responsible for existing business. Starting in 2008, we successfully changed our business strategy from being an internet development and consulting company building custom software products to becoming a specialized service provider in the Atlassian ecosystem. Atlassian is a maker of collaboration and project management software, headquartered in Australia. They were founded in 2002 and started entering the European market in 2006. 

2011 to 2021, COO at Seibert Media GmbH 

I officially took over the role as COO in 2011 and helped grow the company to more than 100 employees and annual revenues of more than 10M € over the course of the next few years. During that time we embraced the opportunity in the Atlassian ecosystem, splitting our business into three main categories: license resell, consulting services and standardized product development for the Atlassian Marketplace.

2021 to present, Co-CEO at Seibert Media GmbH 

Being given the opportunity to become Co-CEO in 2021, I embraced the opportunity to lead the company during its next growth stage. Apart from doubling down our investment in the Atlassian ecosystem by making Seibert Media a full-fledged service provider for all things Atlassian, we diversified our business and became a Google Cloud Partner, pursuing another opportunity in a growing software ecosystem with a strong partner focus. We have grown the company to +250 employees, generating a solid $78M in annual revenues in 2022. 

2023 to present, CEO at Seibert Media Corp 

With the Atlassian ecosystem constantly expanding and becoming a global force, Seibert Media decided to start a US subsidiary in 2022 and bringing its services to market in North America. I gratefully took the opportunity to build a new company from scratch in the US while keep serving as CEO for the parent company. 


  • Degree: Magister Artium (in 2007)
  • Discipline: Communication Science (major), Law, Political Science (minors)
  • Final Grade: 1.4
  • School: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz


  • German Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association (GCUPA)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Special Interest Group Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI)

Name: Sebastian Martini
Position: Co-CEO at Seibert Media GmbH
Also: CEO at Seibert Media Corp
Employee since: 1998

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