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All you need is ...

  • 5 News for every site and department you want to showcase your presentation. Those news can overlap: Globally relevant, Same country, same location, same department, ... 
  • You should prepare to write 10 to 20 sample news with a good and company specific headline and a short teaser text. The rest can be filled with the lorem ipsum text macro.
  • 1 picture for every news, that can be shown in the preview and the news itself. If you have good pictures yourself, take them. If you don't pick the ones below.
  • Create the news directly in Linchpin. We can help you with the personalization and the configuration if you want. But to make your presentation compelling you need to come up with good and realistic news. Copy them from your existing intranet if you can.

Sample Pictures and Fotos

Copyright notice

You can use these pictures without charge to build your sample intranet on the basis of Linchpin. If you want to use these pictures in production please contact us. We will help you obtain a proper license.

Ideas for news

If you are searching for the right news of your intranet, these ideas may help you:

People news

Frank Miller is our new CEO, Jon Nash takes over as head of partner channel, ...

Events in your location / country

We have a welcoming party for the customer delegation from China on Thursday 4pm. Join us ..., Our summer party is planned, Company all hands meeting: Save the date!, 50 year anniversary celebrations, Customer Roadshow in New York in November, ...

Marketing and Sales

Customers we won, New marketing material we created, Videos and Campaigns we did, Results of our survey, Lead generation strategy and how you can help, Our company in the news, ...

Product news

We have a new release of our product XY in March, Summer sale and discount codes, Customer Retention and word of mouth campaign, News about our CRM tool, ...

Customer specifics

Project XY news, Customer satisfaction survey results, Customer testimonials, ...


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