What does Seibert Media stand for? 

And yes, in spite of dynamism and continuous change, certain principles to us are permanent.

Our Vision

Companies are adaptable organisms: people organize themselves in continuous cooperation, share responsibility and success.

Our Mission

With software, we strengthen communication and collaboration as key factors in value creation.

Kickass software, rock'n'roll teams

Our Values

Fair Play

We treat others fairly and
we don't cheat.


We win as a team and we lose as a team.

Individual Responsibility

We love to be in charge.


We’re generous with our knowledge.


We welcome change.

Strength of Character

We don't take the easy way out.


We're always looking for the most practical solution.


We interact responsibly with our customers, coworkers, and the environment.

Our Values ​​- shouldn't just be emotionally moving: Excerpt from our employee handbook

Have you read our values? You may cry now.

But seriously, what do you do with it except say "oh my!" - Why do we need values? And can't we just simply do our own thing?

Let's put it this way: These values ​​were not put together because a few people here were bored. Rather, they are intended to do one thing: help you with your daily work, and of course you - most likely you are new to the company and still feeling a little uncertain. It's best to understand our values as simple guidelines if you ever need assistance.

Do you have an idea that could possibly knock some things over if it is implemented? Great, introduce it to the others, because we love change.

Would you like to share your in-depth knowledge with other people and maybe write something about it? Wonderful, there is a weblog and a public wiki, both made for your content. We share our knowledge with others, transparency rules!

Do you think you can develop a cool solution to a challenge? Then be the driving force and do it.

Do you disagree with a decision? Then say something and discuss it instead of just swallowing it. We do not take the path of least resistance.

And so on. Now you know what I mean right? Especially at the beginning, the values ​​should help you to act independently and consciously in order to work to the best of your ability for the company. Officially speaking, they should be easy to understand, memorable and motivating - they should guide our collective behavior.

Well, more than just briefly stirring your emotions and then being forgotten - remember these values, they will help you a lot. Besides they are really quite cool!

Our Mission Statement
  • We would not do anything that we know or assume is illegal or unethical.
  • Employees will not use the company property for their own benefit.
  • We do not participate in processes that do not have a clear legitimate business purpose. 
  • We only support and participate in processes that the general public would accept.
  • We wouldn't do anything that would require us to act insincere. 
  • We don't work to make a profit. We work for success. The money will follow. 
  • We do not exploit our employees and we do not advance ourselves from their hardships. 
Our Conviction
  • We believe that good, well-founded and competent services are always in high demand. 
  • We do not strive to grow rapidly and immensely by diluting our portfolio and our competences (e.g. hiring a lot of people to increase capacity), but we train our new colleagues intensively and only deploy them in responsible areas of work when they have the necessary know-how. Until then, we prefer to forego additional sales instead of risking our reputation as a quality service provider with "quick deals" 
  • We want to advise our customers personally and correctly. We recommend what seems right and sensible to us and not what is opportune and lucrative. 
  • We are honest and sincere, even if it is not beneficial for our own business.
  • We believe that trust, along with competence, is the highest and most important element in a successful customer relationship.
  • We believe that the knowledge and experience of our employees are critical success factors and therefore offer seminars and training courses as often as possible. We promote the further training of our colleagues through specific target agreement elements, time quotas and salary components.
  • A good working environment and atmosphere for creativity, productivity and performance of our employees is of high importance within the company. We try to achieve common goals not by pressure, but by solidarity, community and unity.
  • With us there is no place for loners or isolated geniuses. Everyone has to be able and willing to answer questions. We treat our employees like adults and do not hide any relevant business information or project details. 
  • We are fair to all employees. Even if we have not always been the most financially attractive employer, we treat everyone fairly and we do not let the negotiator win the race, but the top performers.
  • We are a pragmatic company that tries to put the customer benefit at the center of our own actions.
  • We don't just try to get our customers to buy services, but offer what we think makes sense. 
  • We don't work for awards from industry associations. However, the value of our work should be award-winning. 
  • We want to work for customers like an "embedded employee" and be available for assistance.
  • We work together - we want to make sure that we treat each other as individuals and as human beings. Nobody should be reduced to their business function or efficiency.
  • Any type of discrimination is prohibited. 

Our Value

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