Atlassian has announced that they have made the decision to cancel the Atlassian Summit this year. After much consideration here at Seibert Media, we have decided to not travel to Las Vegas this year.

This means that we will also have to cancel our Info Session on Sunday, March 29th, and our deep dive sessions on Monday, March 30th.

We have decided to not do a remote Info Session event, but still want to provide you content and some material from talks we had already prepared for the event.

We are more than happy to offer you a remote video interview or demo.

You will find more informations here:

Join us during the Atlassian Summit conference and give us a demo of your solution. We'll produce a high end video from that and help you market it.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I am a customer / Atlassian employee. Should I prepare anything?

Yes, but we'll be in touch and tell you exactly how this works. This page is mainly targeted at ecosystem vendors who use our reach and marketing for their solutions.

Is there a fee for the interview?

No. The interview and the marketing for it is free of charge. No strings attached.

Do I need to prepare for the interview?

Yes, please. We aim to have high quality content for our audience. You should be skilled to showcase your solution. And you should also be competent to answer our questions.

Do you want to make this spontaneous and authentic?

Yes and no. We have been asked this questions by interviewees because, they know that Martin Seibert often does videos that are not scripted and very spontaneous. These recorded interviews are meant to be prepared and high quality. We want you to think about what you want to present and prepare for this presentation. We even offer dry runs so that we can give you feedback upfront if you want.

How can I prepare for my presentation / software demo?

We do offer to review your concept for the presentation, the slides and record a dry run (that will not be published). If you commit to do a dry run, we'll pass on the recording to our marketing team and give you feedback. This is recommended, but only an offer. It's not mandatory. But we believe that improving the quality of your talk is a win-win-win situation. Our joint customers win by getting a better show. We win by getting better content for our content marketing. You win as a better presentation will help sell yourself, your services and your solutions better. Please contact us, if you're interested in a dry run.

Do you want slides or live demos?

We believe that customers love to see the real software. As this will become a YouTube video, some of them will even try to do what you do alongside their own Atlassian instance. Making this possible is an asset and a benefit. So live demos or very well crafted animated slides with real interfaces are our preference. But in the end it's your decision how you can deliver the best presentation. Choose your style.

Why do you offer this?

We want to offer high value content from the Atlassian ecosystem to our customers. If you give a good and well-prepared presentation you'll benefit from our reach and our production service for free. And we will benefit from your content. It's a win-win-win situation where you win, our customers win, and we win. 

Will I need to market and share this as well?

We do not force you to help spread the video and pages about your presentation. But you'll benefit from enhancing the reach as well, so we'll ask you to reshare the results.

Is that worthwhile? What's in it for me?

We do believe that you'll get a good deal of representation and promotion out of this activity. It's free and only requires your time and dedication to make it an awesome show.

First of all, we'll all prepare for the interview and presentation. So without joining this you'll likely ending up doing nothing. The result is prepared and produced by us. We have a professional team who'll produce a high end quality video of both you and us talking about the software and your screen during the presentation. The resulting video will be published on YouTube and marketed on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter later. We have several thousand people following us on these social media channels. More than 100k sessions do we count on our web properties including our corporate weblog and several thousand people read our English and German newsletter, where we plan to include the resulting videos.

How many slots can we have? Is it an interview or a software demo or both?

You can have as many slots as you want. If you have more to present, feel free to apply with multiple topics. It can be a format of your choice. Be it a software demonstration, an interview, a conversation. All we want is good content that is interesting and valuable for our joint customers. Please only suggest as many topics as you can decently prepare. This shall be high quality content. You will need time to prepare this.

In which languages can the interview be?

Interviews can be in English or German language. You choose.

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