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In order to consistently digitize checklists for tasks in the real world, it must be possible to create and work on them quickly and easily from the context of the task in question. Often, however, the person performing a task does not have access to Confluence, so the technical barriers for creating a digital checklist must be kept as low as possible.

With Checklists for Confluence Cloud, you can generate public links for checklist templates, allowing any person to create a new checklist based on the corresponding template. You can additionally generate a QR code for these links, which can then be placed in the locations where a task typically occurs (like in our example a checklist for cleaning the coffee machine).

If an employee now wants to process this task using the checklist, the code can be scanned with a smartphone and a new checklist can be created for the employee on an ad-hoc basis. The employee does not need access to Confluence Cloud or a specific app for this, but only a web browser.

This page was last edited on 10/08/2021.