Project completed in 2009/2010

The client GmbH is an online marketplace for product and service providers in the tourism industry. Today, they are market leader in the development of comprehensive rate management solutions for all sorts of travel agencies in all larger markets.

The assignment

Improve the usability and graphical elements of the interface of a flight search engine.

The solution

//SEIBERT/MEDIA conducted a usability analysis of the flight search engine, in order to systematically reveal challenges that inhibit the user experience. We were then asked to redesign the user interface. The challenge was to meet the requirements of the both users as well as those of the businesses embedding the search engine in their websites.

In order to improve usability, we simplified the booking process and designed the interface to use a consistent color and typography concept. Notable buttons and icons help orientation and intuitively lead through the individual booking steps. When developing the interface, we limited the colors and buttons that need to be changed to allow business customers to quickly and easily customize the booking engine. The graphic elements are enhanced by a neutral, international icon set.

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