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The client

Herkules Garten - also known as Adolf Telsnig e. K. Forst- & Gartentechnik - is a wholesaler for products for forestry, gardening and leisure technology, with a large number of specialist dealers and sales representatives. Herkules Garten has been active since 1975 and is currently one of Germany's leading companies in the field of motorized equipment and professional tools around the house, yard and garden. In addition to Herkules Garten, Herkules Motor GmbH & Co. KG is a renowned supplier of ATVs, quads, karts and two-wheelers under the umbrella of Adolf Telsnig.

The assignment

Herkules Garten commissioned us to develop product micro sites as an addition to their existing website. The aim was to create a platform where an overview of brands and selected products can be quickly presented in a targeted manner. The basic requirements were the integration of multimedia content (e.g. product videos), downloadable content, as well as the ability to quickly copy or transfer content to new brand and topic pages.

The solution

We developed a flexible system in which the customer can use a modular system of a variety of content elements and page types. The bandwidth supports a media library and a focus on a selected product, through seasonal specials with integrated product presentations, to the pure product showcase. Large picture elements and a variable button and icon set, which automatically adapt to the respective brand, ensures overarching brand recognition, with appropriate variation. An integrated form can be used by customers to submit questions.
By linking the micro sites via a portal page, the cohesive brand and product experience under the umbrella of Herkules Garten is created.


  • Technology: Java, Javascript, CSS


After implementing the Herkules Garten micro sites, the customer has asked us to expand the solution to include Herkules Motor.

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