The client

DER Touristik is currently one of the leading tourism groups in the German speaking region. The group of experts of 9,400 employees in 14 source countries and over 150 destinations has just one goal - turning the travel dream of each and every customer into a perfect, unforgettable experience.

The assignment

Establish a social intranet for over 9,000 employees, connecting information and communication hubs and shortening distances for collaboration. As part of the expansion and internationalization of the company, a common intranet based on a technical portal was to be developed for all DER Touristik employees. It harmonizes a variety of existing info-net portals in the different parts of the organization, which previously communicated mostly within each portal. 


The solution

The new DER Touristik social intranet platform "Compass" is built upon Atlassian's Confluence. DER Touristic heads in a new direction with "Compass", replacing their purely top down communication as the only channel, and thus upgrades from Intranet 1.0. With the Atlassian Software Confluence and the intranet solution Linchpin by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, an intranet has been created, where all 9,000 employees can participate, be active and collaborate. It replaces existing systems for over 9,000 employees and in many applications, improves digital collaboration to be more efficient than current meetings and e-mails. 

Design customization:

Compass has been installed with a customized Confluence theme, following the company's corporate design, giving employees a familiar impression. Numerous usability and functional optimizations were made to the standard Confluence interface, which make it easier for users to use Compass as their work tool.

Global navigation:

Our add-on Navigation Menu Editor enables freely configurable global navigation menus for a variety of user groups and locations including multi-language support. A user is shown exactly those navigation elements that are relevant and useful.

Expert network:

The Custom User Profile add-on, developed by us, extends Confluence with a company-wide expert search, making it possible to quickly identify contacts with experience in specialist areas with single search query.

Personal dashboard:

A user is provided with customized information feeds on their Confluence landing page (dashboard), through which targeted relevant messages can be communicated. With each daily login to the system, a user can see all current and relevant news. They can also subscribe to additional news channels.

Customized App Center:

Every user can access the internal and external applications that they use by simply clicking on them, directly from the Compass dashboard. This application list can be customized by the user.

Simultaneous editing protection:

The //SEIBERT/MEDIA Edit Lock add-on provides a clear indication when one user attempts to edit a page that another user is already editing. This minimizes processing errors, lost input and its associated anger and frustration.

Corporate search integration:

A search in Compass doesn't just look at content within the application, but also finds results in external systems ("company Google").


Confluence, Java


  • Agile approach to implementation.
  • Successful agile pilot project including the entire company.
  • User centered approach (user centered design), with the early involvement of end users.

Test users

170 volunteers from various departments across the entire company, independent of hierarchy, completed a wide variety of tasks over a period of three days.



Dashboard (Home)

The dashboard elements have been adapted to the requirements of DER Touristik (navigation, news channel updates, highlights box, sidebar, ...).

Flyers displayed for the system launch








What does the customer say? 

Internal success

Very positive feedback from our customer (in German - please turn on auto-translated subtitles).

"Initially we were very much fixated on the technology, eventually, however, everything revolved around one question: How do we understand communication and collaboration in the future? [...] The variety of functionalities convinced us. [...] All the requirements that we have as a big organization are being met.“ Tobias Jüngert, Vice President Group Corporate Communications DER Touristik

How was the collaboration?

Launch video (in German - please turn on auto-translated subtitles).

"The group impressed us with their self confidence. They have a very modern, clear understanding of communication. They knew what they were talking about, and were rigorous about the process [...] Because we jointly developed the system with agile processes, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has saved us a lot of time - we had never expected this." Tobias Jüngert, Vice President Group Corporate Communications DER Touristik

Intranet preview trailer video

Trailer Video as a preview for the Intranet:
Full video interview (in German)
Video for launching the Intranet and for new employees (in German)

External success

Winner of the IntraNET Award 2016:
The online portal IntraNETwork has selected the best intranets of the year for the fifth time. One of the three winners is "Compass", the new social intranet of our customer DER Touristik, implemented by //SEIBERT/MEDIA based on our Linchpin solution.

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