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The client

The company, with its headquarters in Chicago, is a world leader in weathering technology. At over 150 locations throughout the world, Atlas machines simulate the effects of weather (sun, rain, cold, etc.) on materials, and therefore play an important role in securing the longevity and quality of products. A variety of industries, including as the automobile industry, rely on these test programs and the technical competencies of Atlas.

The assignment

Concept, design and implementation of the relaunched website with a focus on the products and services of ATLAS.

The solution

User experience

ATLAS offers a variety of very specific products and services. The user can therefore find the product that meets his needs easily. The homepage offers clear categories, but users can also use the product search with extensive filter possibilities.

We developed a contact finder so that the user can directly find an expert contact for personal consultation after they select a product. This can be triggered using a country selection dropdown box or an animated world map.

The site also contains an area for events, including registration for training courses, an extensive contact form and a variety of content elements, which improves the flexibility and ease of page creation.


The information architecture and page structure were first optimized using user stories for different user types and the required features were defined.
The design was adapted for the web based on existing print media, but using more space for increased usability.




Feedback from our customer Jamie Chesler, General Manager for Marketing and Sales on his many years working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA (in German - please turn on auto-translated subtitles)

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