Creating workflows in JIRA can be rather complex, depending on the width and depth of requirements. We thus break down the various steps in different segments, to better illustrate them. The following services are included in this position:


Initial consultation on workflow requirements (8 hours)
We discuss your requirements of the needed workflows, in order to be able to implement the workflows in JIRA. We will consult you based on our experiences from other projects regarding the amount of necessary workflows and the required complexity. The coordination can be via phone or in person.

USD 1,530.00

Formulation of workflows (8 hours)
In a first step, discussed requirements are directly translated into JIRA. We can play the workflows directly into your online system, as long as the technical requirements are met. Alternatively, we can create a test system and implement the workflows there. That would, however, take more effort for the required migration of workflows from the test into the online instance.

USD 1,530.00

Workshop to test and adjust the workflows (8 hours)
In this workshop we will inspect the created workflows that have been implemented in JIRA and will test whether they meet practical requirements. If necessary, we will make further adjustments directly in the workshop, so that the finished workflows should be implemented by the end of the workshop.

USD 1,530.00

Support and consultation as needed (4 hours) 
We will look after you in the first works after implementing the workflows and we will support you with further adjustments, that may result as well as with the configuration of projects, in order to get the best use out of the workflows in JIRA.

USD 765.00
TOTAL USD 5,355.00

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