This is why a user workshop is right for you

You are already using Jira or are planning the roll-out of the system? A crucial factor in a successful launch and rollout of an enterprise wiki is the acceptance of the system by its users. A user workshop will allow you to train various users in the correct use of the software.

What is included in a professional consultation?

We want to train your team systematically and practically: we deliver sound knowledge in small groups and at the same time keep in mind your individual business reality and specific use cases. We thus create added value and make sure, the training has a high return on investment.

Our Jira workshops are implemented by experienced Jira consultants, who have been using Jira in their daily work for years. We also provide you with training material in form of articles, presentations, and video tutorials, which have been proven very valuable after the workshops.

Workshop content

  • Explanation of Jira architecture and it's setup
  • Presentation of different, such as projects, categories, versions, issues, as well as individual issue types
  • Principle ofmeta dataoriented navigation in Jira (issue is the central element, anymeta datacan be attached)
  • Explanation of working with workflows
  • Illustration of workflow regulation, especially with the example with agile boards in Jira Agile, which almost 90% of our Jira customers use
  • Explanation of the cultural change, from push to pull driven philosophy

Example calculation of a workshop

It is easy to do a workshop with //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We take your requirements into account. Each workshop is individual. Even the calculation is based entirely on your requirements:



Preparation of the workshop and evaluation of your requirements  

We have extensive experience in conducting workshops and prepared agenda and workshop content. On the one hand, the amount of possible content is so high, that we cannot cover everything. On the otherhandit is important to match the content with the requirements of the participants. We have prepared an extensive questionnaire, which we will send you in advance. Additionally, we will speak with you about goals,scopeand content of the workshop. It is an important basis for a useful and qualitative workshop. Many of our customers have additional questions,conceptsand other documentation, that they would like to include in the workshop. We evaluate this content prior to the workshop and intend to integrate it in the workshop as well as possible.

USD 600 (3 h)

Conducting the Workshop   

Workshops are always conducted by experienced //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultants. Depending on the target group and their experience, we have colleagues in strategic, programming or system administrative areas, who can lead the workshop. The workshop can be at your location or via remote desktop sharing session (via WebEx or TeamViewer). Please keep in mind that workshops onsite should not take longer than 6 hours per work day. We have made the experience, that longer workshops are exhausting for all participants and can be unproductive for your team. We offer extensive training programs over several days withovernight stay. Remote sessions should last no longer than 2-3 hours.

USD 1,200 (6 h)

Additional costs of the workshop

Our regulations for travel expenses are very customer oriented. When purchasing two full workshop days, you will not be charged any travel expenses. For shorter workshops, we will share our travel expenses with you.



USD 1,800

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

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