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  • Professional Confluence Workshop for Application Administration
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We are currently working on this page, so some information is still missing. If you have questions about the information that is already available, please contact us, we are happy to advise you.

This is why a workshop for application administration is right for you

You have gotten to know the basic functions of Confluence and are preparing the pilot for your business?You arein charge of introducing the tool? Then it will be important for you to do the Administration of Confluence and be a competent point of contact. The workshop is especially of interest to the following people:

  • Manager and employees who know that the wiki can do more than mere collaboration, and who want to use the system more efficiently and toit's full potential. We train you in using space concepts, wiki forms, evaluation functions, versioning,macros and plugins, etc.
  • Wiki gardener who are in charge of content in the wiki and who need to know how to effectively use documents and spaces, create user and manage groups, work with revisions, include parts of documents, configure email notifications and more.
  • Workers council who want to ensure that all privacy requirements are met and that the wiki is used as a productive tool, and not for monitoring of employees. We will show you, how permissions and evaluation modules can be configured.

What is included in a professional consultation?

We will conduct a workshop with you, which aside from the regular user workshop, will include detailed instruction in the Confluence Admin space. This includes creating users and groups as well as extensive rights usage.

Workshop content

  • Module C1 - Application administration

    • C1-1 Documentation and useful links

    • C1-2 Administration console

    • C1-3 Space Administration

    • C1-4 Permissions

    • C1-5 User management

Prices and hourly rates

As a rule, we provide our workshops at a flat rate, so that you can accurately budget with a fixed price.

Our fixed prices include all costs incurred, from preparation and follow-up work to the delivery of your workshop, travel times, travel expenses, meals and overnight stays.

We try to keep it as simple as possible: One price, all inclusive.

(Info) Prices in USD are available on request

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at your office (max. 8 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at your office (max. 6 participants)

• First day: 2,500 EUR

• From the second day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for Confluence Workshops at our office (max. 8 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Fixed price for jira Workshops at our office (max. 6 participants)

• Per day: 2,000 EUR

Please note: All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.